B. Exhibits

1LetSleepHappen Pty Ltd
Athletes' insomnia, mental health & prescription sleep medication reliance, Rosemary Clancy BA(Hons) MAppPsych MAPS FCCLP, 3 September 2018
a) Coroners Court of Victoria, Pharmaceutical drugs in fatal overdose: A coroner’s perspective, International Medicine in Addiction Conference, 21 March 2015
b) Information brochure: LetSleepHappen Sleep CBT Awareness Initiatives
2Professor David Hillman
Wake up Australia: The Value of Healthy Sleep, Access Economics, October 2004
a) Re-awakening Australia: The Economic Cost of Sleep Disorders in Australia 2010, Deloitte Access Economics, October 2011.
b) Asleep on the Job: Costs of Inadequate Sleep in Australia, Deloitte Access Economics, 2017.
c) The economic cost of inadequate sleep, SLEEP, Vol. 29, 2006
d) Public health implications of sleep loss: the community burden, Medical Journal of Australia, October 2013
e) The economic cost of inadequate sleep, SLEEPJ Vol. 41, 2018
f) Sleep health of Australian adults in 2016: results of the 2016 Sleep Health Foundation national survey, Journal of the National Sleep Foundation, 2017
3Mr Allen Salter
Electro Hypersensitivity: Talking to your doctor - Health Issues associated with smart meters.
a) Email alert from Stop Smart Meters Australia
4Ms Janet Milford
The role of sleep dysfunction in the occurrence of delusions and hallucinations: A systematic review, Clinical Psychology Review 42, 2015
a) Clinician perceptions of sleep problems, and their treatment, in patients with non-affective psychosis, Psychosis - Psychological, Social and Integrative Approaches, July 2016
5Related to submission 27
Article: Reservoir retiree blames smart meter for health issues, Preston Leader, page 5, 18 September 2018
6Canberra Sleep Clinic
The Mysterious Answer to My Unrelenting Insomnia: Nothing helped—until one day my dentist told me I had the so-called "young, thin, beautiful women's sleep disorder." By Rachael Combe, April 2017
7Absolute Sleep
Contact details, credentials and information on Absolute Sleep and Dr Christopher Pantin
8Ms Jodie Donnelly
Review article: Self-reporting of symptom development from exposure to radiofrequency fields of wireless smart meters in Victoria, Australia: A Case Series, Nov/Dec 2014
9Waubra Foundation
Wind Farm Noise: Paper ICA2016-440, Physiological effects of wind turbine noise on sleep - Proceedings of the 22nd International Congress on Acoustics, September 2016
a) World Health Organization Europe: Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region 2018
10Professor Peter Eastwood
Fatigue experiences and culture in Australian commercial air transport pilots, Australian Transport and Safety Bureau - Transport Safety Report, 22 January 2019
11Sleep Health Foundation and Australasian Sleep Association
Pre Budget Submission 2019-20 - Addressing Inadequate Sleep in the Australian Community, A Vital National Health, Societal and Economic Issue
12Australian Epidemiological Association
Trends in Sleep Medication Use in Australian Adults, 1977-2007, Yu Sun Bin, Nathaniel S. Marshall, Nick Glozier
13Sleep Health Foundation
Health and Wellbeing of Adults in Western Australia 2017: Overview and Trends, Government of Western Australia, 2018
14Australasian Sleep Association
Description of Targeted Research Areas, January 2019
15Professor Peter Eastwood
Impact of Health Behaviours and Deprivation on Well-Being in a National Sample of English Young People, Aswathikutty Gireesh, Shikta Das, Russell M Viner, in BMJ Paediatrics Open, August 2018
16Mrs Sharon Moore
Sleep Wrecked Kids: Helping parent raise happy, healthy kids one sleep at a time
18Australian Psychological Society
Sleep and mental wellbeing: Exploring the links, Technical report, prepared by Kate Bartel, Cele Richardson and Michael Gradisar, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation 2018
19Dr Barry Clark
Sleep Health Inquiry: Public Submission

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