Terms of Reference

To inquire into and report on matters relating to welfare dependence of families and outcomes for children, and in conducting the inquiry, the committee:
examine the reasons for welfare dependence, with particular focus on why some families require welfare assistance for short periods only and why others become ‘trapped’ in the system;
the factors preventing parents from gaining employment;
the impact of intergenerational unemployment on children;
the important role of parents as ‘first teachers’;
a multi-generational approach which assists parents and their children together;
the impact, if any, of welfare in creating disadvantage; and
the impact of economic development in different locations and geography;
recommend options for:
breaking cycles of disadvantage;
measuring the effectiveness of evidence-based interventions;
the improvement of the financial capacity and security of families; and
better coordinating services between tiers of government to support families; and
consider any other related matter.

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