Completed inquiries and reports

Reports will be made available here when they are presented.

Report Name Date Tabled

Inquiry into flying-fox management in the eastern states

Parliamentary Paper: 37/2017
Date of Government response: No response to date

27 February 2017

Powering our future: Inquiry into modernising Australia's electricity grid

Parliamentary Paper: 1/2018
Date of Government response: No response to date

5 February 2018

Report on the inquiry into the management and use of Commonwealth environmental water

Parliamentary Paper: 24/2019
Date of Government response:  5 February 2020

7 December 2018

Cane toads on the march: Inquiry into controlling the spread of cane toads

Parliamentary Paper: 82/2019
Australian National Audit Office response: 18 September 2019
Date of Government response:  13 May 2020

26 March 2019 

House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment

Report Name Date Tabled

Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations

Parliamentary Paper:115/2016
Date of Government response: 20 November 2023

4 May 2016

Report on the visit to Singapore and Malaysia, 25-30 October 2015

Parliamentary Paper:43/2016
Date of Government response: No response to date

29 February 2016

Streamlining environmental legislation

Inquiry into streamlining environmental regulation, green tape, and one stop shops

Parliamentary Paper:49/2015
Date of Government response:  No response to date

23 February 2015