B. Public hearings and witnesses

Monday, 28 February 2022
Parliament House
Australian Community Media
Mr Anthony Kendall, Managing Director (via teleconference)
Australian Associated Press
Ms Lisa Davies, Chief Executive Officer (via videoconference)
Ms Emma Cowdroy, General Counsel & Company Secretary (via videoconference)
Public Interest Journalism Initiative
Ms Anna Draffin, Chief Executive Officer
Professor Allan Fels, Chair (via videoconference)
Country Press Australia
Mr Andrew Manuel, President
Mr Paul Thomas, Director
Seven West Media / West Australian Newspapers
Mr Anthony De Ceglie, Editor-In-Chief, West Australian Newspapers (via videoconference)
Mr Alexander Beer, Head of Investment & Commercial Development, Western Australian Newspapers (via videoconference)
Ms Clare Gill, Head of Regulatory & Government Affairs (via videoconference)
The Barcoo Independent
Ms Ann Kirby, Editor (via videoconference)
Collie River Valley Bulletin
Mr Joe Italiano, Publisher (via videoconference)
Sunraysia Daily
Mr Glenn Robinson, General Manager (via videoconference)
Mr Ross Lanyon, Managing Director (via videoconference)
Mr Jamie Lanyon, Director (via videoconference)
Deakin University
Dr Kristy Hess, Professor (via videoconference)
Professor Matthew Ricketson, Professor of Communications (via videoconference)
Community Broadcasting Association of Australia
Mr Jon Bisset, Chief Executive Officer, Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (via videoconference)
Mr Ian Cole, Chairman of the WREB Co-op, Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (via videoconference)
Ms Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, Head of Advocacy & Communications, Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (via videoconference)
Tuesday, 1 March 2022
Parliament House
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Mr Hugh Martin, Head, Regional, Rural & Emergency (via videoconference)
Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)
Ms Rhanna Collins, Head of INACA (via videoconference)
Ms Clare O'Neil, Director, Corporate Affairs (via videoconference)
Ms Mandi Wicks, Director, News & Current Affairs (via videoconference)
Mr David Washington, Editorial Director (via videoconference)
The Canungra Times
Ms Keer Moriarty, Director (via videoconference)
Today News Group
Mr Damian Morgan, Director (via videoconference)
Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia
Dr Peter English, Vice-president (via videoconference)
Dr Alexandra Wake, President (via videoconference)
University of Canberra
Dr Caroline Fisher, Associate Professor, Journalism
Dr Kerry McCallum, Director, News and Media Research Centre
Dr Sora Park, Professor, News and Media Research Centre
East Arnhem Regional Local Council
Mr Dale Keehne, Chief Executive Officer (via videoconference)
Public Interest Publishers Alliance
Mr Lawrence Gibbons, Co-Chair
Mr Anita McInnes, Spokeswoman
Free TV Australia and WIN Corporation
Ms Bridget Fair, Chief Executive Officer, Free TV (via videoconference)
Ms Natasha Eves, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Free TV (via videoconference)
Mr Ross Mitchell, Director of Broadcasting Policy, Free TV (via videoconference)
Mr Stevan Djokic, General Manager Broadcast Operations, WIN Corporation (via videoconference)
Australian Communications and Media Authority
Ms Cathy Rainsford, General Manager, Content & Consumer Division
Ms Rochelle Zurnamer, Executive Manager, Content Safeguards Branch (via videoconference)
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Ms Kate Reader, General Manager, Digital Platform Branch (via videoconference)
Mr Tom Leuner, Executive General Manager, Mergers Exemptions and Digital (via videoconference)
Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
Ms Pauline Sullivan, First Assistant Secretary, Online Safety, Media & Platforms Division
Ms Adam Carlon, Assistant Secretary, Media Industry & Sustainability
Mr James Penprase, Assistant Secretary, Media Reform Branch
Ms Kerstin Wijeyewardene, Assistant Secretary, Platforms & News Branch

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