POP 52-Harry Evans: Selected Writings

Papers on Parliament No. 52
December 2009

Foreword (PDF 59KB)

Statement to the Senate on the Retirement of Harry Evans, Senator the Hon John Hogg

(PDF 102KB)

Farewell to Harry Evans, Cleaver Elliott

(PDF 106KB)

Parliamentary Privilege: The Reasons of Mr Justice Cantor—An Analysis

(PDF 113KB)

Parliamentary Privilege: Reasons of Mr Justice Hunt—An Analysis

(PDF 171KB)

Parliamentary Privilege and Statutory Secrecy Provisions

(PDF 88KB)

1975 Revisited: Lost Causes and Lost Remedies

(PDF 84KB)

Protection of Persons Who Provide Information to Members

(PDF 136KB)

Bad King John and the Australian Constitution

(PDF 132KB)

Franca Arena and Parliamentary Privilege

(PDF 115KB)

Constitution, Section 57: Comments on Article by George Williams

(PDF 76KB)

The Other Metropolis: The Australian Founders’ Knowledge of America

(PDF 511KB)

Reasonably Necessary Powers: Parliamentary Inquiries and Egan v Willis and Cahill

(PDF 82KB)

Enough of Executive Arrogance?: Egan v Chadwick and Others

(PDF 73KB)

The Australian Constitution and the 1911 Myth

(PDF 71KB)

The 1911 Myth Embellished, by Gough

(PDF 67KB)

The Role of the Senate

(PDF 95KB)

An Elected President for an Australian Republic: Problems and Solutions

(PDF 98KB)

Hobbes Versus Madison and Isaacs Versus Baker: Contrary Theories and Practices in Australian Democracy

(PDF 123KB)

Bryce’s Bible: Why Did It Impress the Australian Founders?

(PDF 148KB)

The Pedigree of the Practices: Parliamentary Manuals and Australian Government

(PDF 121KB)

Fitzpatrick and Browne: Imprisonment by a House of the Parliament

(PDF 158KB)

The Traditional, the Quaint and the Useful: Pitfalls of Reforming Parliamentary Procedures

(PDF 87KB)

Having the Numbers Means Not Having to Explain: The Effect of the Government Majority in the Senate

(PDF 118KB)

Bibliography: Articles by Harry Evans

(PDF 163KB)