Parliamentary Handbook for the 46th Parliament

Full version [PDF 32MB]

Preliminary pages [PDF 470KB]

Part 1 – National Symbols [PDF 570KB]

Part 2A – The Forty-Sixth Parliament – Information on the Parliament and office holders
[PDF 970KB]

Part 2B – The Forty-Sixth Parliament – Biographies of Senators and Members [PDF 5MB] – Addendum [PDF 74KB]

Part 2C – The Forty-Sixth Parliament – Statistical information as at 11 September 2020
[PDF 490KB]

Part 3 – Elections [PDF 21MB]

Part 4 – Referendums and Plebiscites [PDF 1MB]

Part 5 – Historical Information on the Australian Parliament [PDF 5MB]

Index [PDF 680KB]

Information is correct up to and including 11 September 2020.

A detailed Commonwealth Constitution from the previous edition of the Handbook for the 45th Parliament is also accessible online.