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I am indebted to the Parliamentary Library for providing the Fellowship program and the unique opportunity for research it offers. In particular I would like to thank the Director of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security Section, Nigel Brew, Assistant Secretary Research Branch Jonathan Curtis and Dr Dianne Heriot, Parliamentary Librarian who offered enthusiasm and support. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who agreed to be interviewed for this research, many of whom are listed on the following pages. Particular thanks to the veterans who generously agreed to share parts of their stories with me. Sincere thanks also to Frank Quinlan (Mental Health Australia), Professor Tom Frame (UNSW Canberra–Australian Defence Force Academy), Professor Peter Leahy (Lieutenant General, Chief of Army [Retd]; Chairman Soldier On), Dr Andrew Khoo (psychiatrist) and Major General Jeffrey Sengelman, all of whom contributed generously of their time and ideas. Particular thanks to Chris Masters (journalist and writer) for his time and introductions, without which, this research would be much the poorer. Thanks to Paula Dabovich (University of Adelaide) for her comments on a previous draft. Professor Alexander ‘Sandy’ McFarlane (University of Adelaide) acted as an advisor throughout the research and preparation of this monograph and offered wise council at regular intervals. Lastly, I would not have been able to complete this research without the supportive and relentlessly constructive feedback from Dr Timothy Kendall (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) for which I am profoundly grateful.