Department of Parliamentary Services Annual Report 2011-2012

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Text descriptions for policy speeches

Policy Speech

Delivered by

The Prime Minister
(RT. Hon. R. G. Menzies, K.C.)

At the Camberwell Town Hall, on Monday, 2nd Sept., 1940.

On September 21st the people of Australia will be asked to elect a new Parliament. The prime responsibility of that Parliament will be to conduct Australia’s part in the most critical war in history, to lead our people to a complete victory, and to lay the foundations of a just peace.

You will all realise without words of mine the grace responsibility you will discharge at the polling booths. It is no over-statement to say that our people as electors have never been called upon to make a choice of such enormous significance. A courageous, determined, farsighted and patriotic Parliament will adequately serve a brace and loyal country. Recent European history has shown us how ruinous a hesitating, inefficient of defeatist Parliament can be. You are therefore to choose who shall serve you.

Robert Menzies, General election 1940: policy speech by the Prime Minister, 2 September 1940.

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Statement of Policy, General Elections, 1949,

by the

Prime Minister (Mr. J. B. Chifley)

(Mr. Chifley broadcast from 2CY, Canberra, over the Australian national network at 8 p.m. (EST), Monday, November 14, 1948.
Election Date – December 10, 1949).

Good even listeners,

The Commonwealth Labor Government brings to you, the electors of Australia, an account of its administration during the three years since you returned it to office; a review of how it has sustained the trust you gave to it when the call for national leadership went out in 1941; and its plans for the future, greater Australia.

Ben Chifley, Statement of policy by the Prime Minister: general elections 1949, 14 November 1949.

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