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First speeches come in all shapes and sizes because everyone is different. But everyone needs inspiration! Here are some resources to help get you started.

Not long after a new Parliament is opened, newly elected Members have the opportunity to make their first speech in the House of Representatives. A Member's first speech, previously referred to as a maiden speech, is a tradition that originated from the British House of Commons. It is a significant occasion and an opportunity for a new Member to outline to Parliament what they hope to achieve.

Members' first speeches are as diverse as the people they represent in their electorates. Many Members choose to express their political views and goals in their first speeches while others thank their supporters or speak about personal experiences. Members may also mention specific issues affecting the people in their electorates, such as health or education, or speak about financial or economic matters.

There is a convention in the House that a first speech is heard without interjection or interruption, and the Chair normally draws the attention of the House to the fact that a Member is making a first speech. In return for this courtesy, the Member must follow a few conventions. This includes keeping their speech succinct and uncontroversial, so as not to provoke interjection.

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