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Statistical Digest
A statistical breakdown of the work of the House, published each sitting week or fortnight.

Last Week in the House
An overview of the work of the House each sitting week, including links to the official transcript (Hansard).

Work of the Session
A summary of the business of the House and its committees.


Business conducted in the House of Representatives

47th Parliament (to 15 February 2024)

Chart on the business of the House

Government business includes government sponsored legislation and motions; ministerial statements and statements in reply.

Private members' business includes legislation and motions sponsored by private members.

Other opportunities for private members includes adjournment debates, grievance debates, debate on the Address in Reply, 90 second statements and members’ constituency statements.

Business of the House includes, but is not limited to, time spent on petitions, statements by indulgence, presentation of papers, privilege matters, personal explanations, dissent motions, motions to suspend standing orders, announcements of ministerial arrangements, presentation and debate on committee and delegation reports and votes of condolence.

Chart includes time spent in the Federation Chamber.

Further information

Historical statistics (to end of 46th Parliament)


Other business

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