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Senator the Hon Scott Ryan, President of the Senate Correspondence from the President regarding a resolution of the Senate relating to Parliamentary privilege, and list of recipients 18/02/2019 (PDF 711 KB)

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Mr Richard Pye, Clerk, Department of the Senate Report on Senate Committee Activity as at 23 January 2019, dated 5 February 2019.
(PDF 1.35 MB)
Mr Rob Stefanic, Secretary, Department of Parliamentary Services Correspondence from Mr Rob Stefanic, dated 7 February 2019, providing to the committee updates on the recommendations of the committee's Final Report on the Department of Parliamentary Services (September 2015).
(PDF 337 KB)
Parliamentary Budget Office Parliamentary Budget Office activity report, dated 13 February 2019.
13/02/2019 (PDF 188 KB)
Mr Michael Healy, Assistant Secretary, Capital Works Branch, Building & Security Division, Department of Parliamentary Services Correspondence from Mr Michael Healy, Assistant Secretary, dated 28 March 2019, providing clarification of evidence provided to the committee at Additional Estimates 2018-19 on 18 February 2019. 28/03/2019 (PDF 2.08 MB)
Department of Parliamentary Services Correction to answer to question taken on notice regarding Adherence to the CCTV Code of Practice (QON 23). 02/02/2021 PDF 217 KB