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Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann, Minister for Finance and the Public Service Press release from Senator Cormann regarding private travel in January 2018, dated 19 February 2019; Letter from Helloworld Travel Limited to Senator Cormann regarding the travel undertaken in January 2018, dated 19 February 2019; Timeline of the procurement for the Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) Accommodation Program Management (APM) services; and Ministerial Submission - Outcome of the Australian Government Accommodation Program Management Services Tender, dated 28 July 2018 19/02/2019 (PDF 2.12 MB)
Mr Stuart Whiley, CEO, ASC Pty Ltd Opening Statement 19/02/2019 (PDF 227 KB)
Senator Jenny McAllister Social media post from the Hon Kelly O'Dwyer MP, relating to a meeting with the Prime Minister and employees of Helloworld Travel
19/02/2019 (PDF 170 KB)
Senator Jenny McAllister
News article regarding the opening of the AOT headquarters in Melbourne 19/02/2019 (PDF 305 KB)
Senator Jenny McAllister
Excerpt from the Helloworld Travel Limited Annual Report 2018, detailing a list of the 20 largest shareholders of Helloworld
19/02/2019 (PDF 609 KB)
Senator Jenny McAllister
Media article, dated 13 December 2017, regarding the merger of AOT and Helloworld
19/02/2019 (PDF 509 KB)
Senator Jenny McAllister
Notification of Alteration of Interests Declared, Senator the Hon Scott Ryan, dated 18 June 2018 19/02/2019 (PDF 386 KB)
Ms Rosemary Huxtable, Secretary, Department of Finance Personal positions, personal employee position variances, personal classifications—Government, staff employed under the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984, as at 1 February 2019
19/02/2019 (PDF 1.11 MB)

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Future Fund Management Agency Correspondence from Dr Raphael Arndt, Chief Investment Officer, Future Fund Management Agency, dated 7 March 2019, correcting evidence provided to the committee at an Additional Budget Estimates 2018-19 hearing on 19 February 2019 7/03/2019 (PDF 506 KB)
The Hon Alex Hawke MP, Special Minister of State Correspondence from the Hon Alex Hawke MP, dated 27 March 2019, claiming Public Interest Immunity in response to Finance portfolio questions on notice F046 and F087 4/04/2019  (PDF 929 KB)