Parliamentary Departments

Budget Estimates 2006-07 — (May 2006)

Parliamentary Departments

Index to Questions on Notice (QoN) (PDF 67KB)

Answers to Questions on Notice

QoN Topic PDF format
P1 DPS - Staffing numbers for Client Support (PDF 26KB)
P2 DPS - Staff turnover (PDF 24KB)
P3 DPS - Costs of potted plants for Parliament House (PDF 33KB)
P4 DPS - Replacement of master keying and locking system (PDF 16KB)
P5 DPS - Spam quarantine facility (PDF 42KB)
P6 DPS - Music on hold facility (PDF 18KB)
P7 DPS - Legal costs (PDF 20KB)
P8, P10 Department of the Senate - Legal costs, leadership training (PDF 22KB)
P9 DPS - Management training (PDF 23KB)

Additional information and tabled documents

Correspondence relating to the transfer of the Citizenship Visits Programme. Tabled 22 May 2006 (PDF 575KB)
Letter from the Presiding Officers to the Minister for Education, Science and Training regarding the Citizenship Visits Program. Tabled 22 May 2006 (PDF 588KB)
Letter from the Minister for Education, Science and Training to the Presiding Officers regarding the Citizenship Visits Program (PDF 151KB)
Letter to the Chair from the Clerk of the Senate regarding paper suppliers to the Department of the Senate (PDF 56KB)

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