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Budget Estimates 2004-05 — (May 2004)

Prime Minister and Cabinet Portfolio

Index to Questions on Notice (QoN) (PDF 231KB)

Answers to Questions on Notice

QoN Topic PDF format
PM1 PM&C - Government advertising (PDF 65KB)
PM1 Ombudsman - Advertising projects (PDF 86KB)
PM1 APSC - Advertising projects (PDF 24KB)
PM1 ANAO - Government advertising (PDF 54KB)
PM1 & 54 Governor-General - Advertising projects / Accommodation at the Berkely (PDF 80KB)
PM2 Costs of President Bush and President Hu visit (PDF 31KB)
PM4 Preparation of advice - Professor Flint (PDF 43KB)
PM5 Further advices sought by the PM - Professor Flint (PDF 40KB)
PM6-11 Advertising campaign (PDF 71KB)
PM12-13 OSW - Advertising campaign (PDF 61KB)
PM14 Vibe Australia (PDF 29KB)
PM15-16a Advertising campaign (PDF 45KB)
PM16b Market research (PDF 42KB)
PM17 Australian Academy of Science medal (PDF 31KB)
PM18 Commencement date of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (PDF 29KB)
PM19-20 2004-05 administered appropriations (PDF 242KB)
PM21 Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) (PDF 51KB)
PM22 Maternity payment (PDF 36KB)
PM23 Women in non-traditional trades in Australia (PDF 43KB)
PM24 Women in non-traditional trades in Australia (PDF 27KB)
PM25 Women's National Non-Government Secretariats (PDF 116KB)
PM26-27 Women's Development Program Grants (PDF 37KB)
PM28 Government response to the Committee's report on staff employed under the MOPS Act (PDF 41KB)
PM29 Staffing levels (PDF 35KB)
PM30 Performance bonuses paid to departmental secretaries (PDF 43KB)
PM31 Senior Executive Service (SES) officers - increase in numbers from 1998 to 2003 (PDF 146KB)
PM32 Distribution by state of SES officers (PDF 34KB)
PM33 Australian Public Service advertised job vacancies (PDF 28KB)
PM34-35 ANAO - lease of Centenary House (PDF 1675KB)
PM36-37 Ombudsman - Centrelink complaints / out of jurisdiction complaints (PDF 416KB)
PM38 ONA - Selection process for the position of Deputy Director-General (PDF 336KB)
PM39 Meetings about obesity issues (PDF 26KB)
PM40 People Smuggling Taskforce (PDF 29KB)
PM41 HREOC report on children in detention (PDF 25KB)
PM42 HREOC report on children in detention (PDF 103KB)
PM43 MOU regarding the transfer of POWs (PDF 26KB)
PM44-47 Treatment of detainees in Iraq (PDF 64KB)
PM48 Official functions at Kirribilli House from 1 July 2003 to 1 January 2004 (PDF 26KB)
PM49 Wine recommendations for Anzac Day functions at The Lodge in 2003 (PDF 27KB)
PM50 Wine and Brandy Corporation correspondence (PDF 30KB)
PM51 Keeping the System Fair education campaign (PDF 31KB)
PM52 Medicare campaign (PDF 36KB)
PM53 Accommodation - Official overseas visit (PDF 29KB)
PM55 Human cloning (PDF 33KB)

Additional information and tabled documents

Correspondence from the ANAO (dated 5 March 2004) to John Curtin House Limited, and from John Curtin House Limited (dated 21 May 2004) to the ANAO - Tabled 25 May 2004 (PDF 82KB)
Ombudsman - Nine monthly comparison: complaints received, closed, issues investigated and agency defect (Graphs) - Tabled 25 May 2004 (PDF 182KB)
List of current DLOs employed as at 31 May 2004 - Tabled 25 May 2004 (PDF 100KB)
Government Communications Unit - current campaign activity May 2004 - Tabled 25 May 2004 (PDF 57KB)
Family Assistance Office advertisement (dated May 2004) relating to child care benefits and family tax benefits - Tabled 25 May 2004 (PDF 110KB)
Correction to evidence regarding a discussion relating to the HREOC report titled: A last resort - Received 27 May 2004 (PDF 61KB)
Additional information - APSC - merit protection reviews - Received 8 July 2004 (PDF 131KB)
Letter notifying the Committee of expected delays in providing answers (dated 23 July) - Received 26 July 2004 (PDF 47KB)
Covering letter (dated 10 August 2004) accompanying answers to questions on notice - Received 11 August 2004 (PDF 50KB)
Covering letter (dated 14 February 2005) accompanying answers to questions on notice - Received 14 February 2005 (PDF 48KB)
Covering letter (dated 17 March 2005) accompanying answers to questions on notice - Received 17 March 2005 (PDF 47KB)

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