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Australian Postal Corporation Opening statement. 4 April 2019 (PDF 229KB)
Department of Communications and the Arts Table: Mobile Black Spot Program, Rounds 1, 2 and Priority Locations, Base stations not on air (as at 3 April 2019).  4 April 2019  (PDF 95KB)
Department of Communications and the Arts Arts Portfolio Agencies, Australian Government Funding (as per the 2019-20 PBS). 9 April 2019 (PDF 406KB)
Senator Anthony Chisholm Article by Jennifer Duke and Fergus Hunter, "ABC and SBS to defend 'core' content", The Sydney Morning Herald, dated 6 March 2019.  9 April 2019 (PDF 795KB)

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Australian Communications and Media Authority List of Innovative Grant Applications for the first round of the Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund. 30 April 2019 (PDF 120KB)
Australian Postal Corporation Letter from Ms Christine Holgate, Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Australia Post, clarifying evidence provided to the committee on 4 April 2019, dated 2 May 2019. 3 May 2019 (PDF 58KB)