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Tabled documents

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1. Dr Steven Kennedy PSM, Secretary Opening Statement - Department of the Treasury 01/06/2021 (PDF 463KB)
2. Mr Bruce Billson, Ombudsman Opening Statement - Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman 01/06/2021 (PDF 108KB)
3. Ms Karen Payne, Ombudsman Opening Statement - Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman 01/06/2021 (PDF 351KB)
4. Mr Chris Jordan AO, Commissioner  Opening Statement - Australian Taxation Office 02/06/2021 (PDF 105KB)
5. Mr Joe Longo, Chair  Opening Statement - Australian Securities and Investments Commission 02/06/2021 (PDF 95KB)
6. Mr Wayne Byres, Chairman Opening Statement - Australian Prudential Regulation Authority 02/06/2021 (PDF 91KB)
7. Senator Rex Patrick  Letter from APRA dated 28 May 2021 02/06/2021 (PDF 1594KB
8. Mr Stephen Glenfield, CEO Opening Statement - Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority 02/06/2021 (PDF 167KB)
9. Mr Rod Sims  Opening Statement - ACCC 02/06/2021  (PDF 147KB)
10. Dr David Gruen  Opening Statement - ABS 02/06/2021 (PDF 128KB)

Additional information

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Mr James Kelly, First Assistant Secretary, Financial System Division, Treasury  Hansard correction 04/06/2021 (PDF 344KB)
 Dr Gary Johns, Commissioner, ACNC  Hansard correction 15/06/2021 (PDF 177KB)
 Ms Helen Wilson, Deputy Australian Statistician, ABS  Hansard correction 17/06/2021 (PDF 864KB)
 Mr Scott Gregson, Chief Operating Officer, ACCC  Hansard correction 14/07/2021 (PDF 473KB)