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 1. Senator the Hon Zed Seselja Microsoft's response to AFR article - 6 April 2021 03/06/2021 (PDF 382 KB)
 2. Senator Rex Patrick Certificate of Conformity 03/06/2021 (PDF 635KB)
 3. Senator Rex Patrick Kooltherm K15 Rainscreen Board 03/06/2021 (PDF 3716KB)
 4. Dr Larry Marshall Opening statement - CSIRO 03/06/2021 (PDF 214KB)
 5. Mr Chris Wade Opening statement - NAIF 03/06/2021  (PDF 1843KB)
 6. Office of Northern Australia Organisation Chart 09/06/2021 (PDF 310KB)

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 Ms Judi Zielke, Chief Operating Officer, CSIRO Hansard correction 04/06/2021 (PDF 970KB)
 Mr David Williamson, Deputy Secretary, DISER Hansard correction 09/06/2021 (PDF 683KB)
 Mr Neil Savery, CEO, ABCB Hansard correction 16/06/2021 (PDF 1339KB)
 Mr Jeewantha Karunarathna, General Manager,   Resources and Energy Insights Branch Hansard correction 16/07/2021 (PDF 365KB)
 Ms Emma Greenwood, Head of Division,  AusIndustry Hansard correction 16/07/2021 (PDF 303KB)
 Mrs Jane Urquhart, Acting Deputy Secretary,   DISER Hansard correction  16/07/2021 (PDF 356KB)