Attorney-General's Portfolio

Supplementary Budget Estimates 2006-2007 (October 2006)

Attorney-General's Portfolio

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Letters of Correction/Clarification:

Australian Federal Police (PDF 52KB), (PDF 112KB)
Attorney General's Department (PDF 38KB)

Tabled Documents:

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (PDF 79KB),
Human Right and Equal Opportunity Commission (PDF 22KB),
Federal Court of Australia (PDF 104KB)
Federal Court of Australia (PDF 129KB)
Senator Ludwig (PDF 391KB)
Minister (PDF 56KB)

Question on Notice Index: (PDF 532KB)

QoN Senator Agency/Branch Topic View
1 Ludwig AGD Annual Report (PDF 42KB)
2 Ludwig AGD Preparation of question time briefs (PDF 19KB)
3 Brandis AGD Security classification of documents (PDF 17KB)
4 Brandis AGD Unauthorised disclosure of classified documents (PDF 17KB)
5 Ludwig AGD Annual Report (PDF 128KB)
6 Ludwig AGD Expenditure on recruiting campaigns (PDF 5KB)
7 Ludwig AGD Annual report (PDF 17KB)
8 Ludwig AGD Blackberry trial (PDF 15KB)
9 Ludwig AGD Annual report (PDF 19KB)
10 Ludwig AGD Cancelled files (PDF 18KB)

(Excel 22KB)

11 Ludwig AGD File listings (PDF 5KB)
      Attachment to question no.11 (PDF 22KB)
12 Crossin AGD Marriage Celebrants (PDF 20KB)
13 Crossin AGD Marriage Celebrant Training (PDF 18KB)
14 Crossin AGD Marriage Celebrant Program (PDF 24KB)
15 Crossin AGD Marriage Celebrants (PDF 7KB)
16 Crossin AGD Marriage Celebrants (PDF 18KB)
17 Crossin AGD De Facto referrals the Family court (PDF 23KB)
18 Crossin AGD Family Relationship Centres (PDF 62KB)
19 Crossin AGD Family Relationship Centres (PDF 31KB)
20 Crossin AGD Family Relationship Centres (PDF 19KB)
21 Crossin AGD Family Relationship Centres (PDF 18KB)
22 Crossin AGD Family Relationship Centres (PDF 29KB)
25 Crossin AGD Family Relationship Centres (PDF 40KB)
26 Crossin AGD Family Relationship Advice Line (PDF 14KB)
27 Crossin AGD Family relationship services (PDF 14KB)
28 Crossin AGD Social Security Appeals (PDF 15KB)
29 Evans AGD Family Relationship Advice Line (PDF 19KB)
30 Ludwig AGD Legal expenditure (PDF 28KB)
31 Evans AGD FOI Costs (PDF 17KB)
32 Carr AGD Privacy Act (PDF 20KB)
33 Carr AGD ALRC (PDF 21KB)
34 Carr AGD Premises standard (PDF 18KB)
35 Ludwig AGD Office of International Law (PDF 17KB)
36 Ludwig AGD ComLaw (PDF 18KB)
37 Crossin AGD Community Legal Centres (PDF 17KB)
38 Crossin AGD Community Legal Centres (PDF 17KB)
39 Crossin AGD Community Legal Centres (PDF 22KB)
40 Crossin AGD Community Legal Centres (PDF 17KB)
41 Evans AGD Family violence in indigenous communities (PDF 24KB)
42 Ludwig AFP Australian Federal Police (PDF 18KB)
43 Stott-Despoja AGD Privacy protections (PDF 4KB)
44 Stott-Despoja AGD Individuals subject to new AML/CTF legislation (PDF 4KB)
45 Stott-Despoja AGD AML/CTF legislation (PDF 5KB)
46 Stott-Despoja AGD AML/CTF legislation (PDF 6KB)
47 Stott-Despoja AGD AML/CTF legislation (PDF 26KB)
48 Ludwig AGD Biometric standards (PDF 17KB)
49 Ludwig AGD National Document Verification System (PDF 19KB)
50 Ludwig AGD OECD Foreign Bribery Public Awareness Campaign (PDF 56KB)
51 Ludwig AGD Annual Report (PDF 22KB)
52 Ludwig AGD Website (PDF 45KB)
53 Ludwig AGD National Gun Buyback (PDF 18KB)
54 Ludwig AGD National Gun Buyback (PDF 17KB)
55 Ludwig AGD OECD Convention on the Bribery of Foreign Officials (PDF 17KB)
56 Ludwig AGD Anti Corruption strategy (PDF 18KB)
57 Ludwig AGD ACLEI (PDF 15KB)
58 Ludwig AGD National Firearms Management System (PDF 14KB)
59 Ludwig AGD National Firearms Management System (PDF 47KB)
60 Ludwig AGD Annual Report (PDF 17KB)
61 Ludwig AGD Commonwealth criminal penalties (PDF 20KB)
62 Ludwig AGD AusCheck (PDF 19KB)
63 Ludwig AGD AusCheck (PDF 17KB)
64 Crossin AGD David Hicks (PDF 18KB)
65 Crossin AGD David Hicks (PDF 20KB)
66 Crossin AGD ALRC report (PDF 18KB)
67 Ludwig AGD Annual Report (PDF 18KB)
68 Ludwig AGD Critical Infrastructure Protection Modelling and Analysis Program (PDF 18KB)
69 Ludwig AGD Sheller Report of Security Legislation Review (PDF 22KB)
71 Ludwig AGD E-Security National Review (PDF 18KB)
70 Ludwig AGD ALRC report (PDF 18KB)
72 Evans AGD APEC 2007 (PDF 39KB)
73 Ludwig AGD Crisis management planning for the Australian Muslim Community (PDF 26KB)
74 Ludwig AGD National Spatial Information for National Security (PDF 19KB)
75 Ludwig AGD National Security Hotline (PDF 12KB)
76 Ludwig AGD ASNET network (PDF 17KB)
77 Ludwig AGD APEC 2007 (PDF 22KB)
78 Ludwig AAT AAT (PDF 16KB)
79 Ludwig AAT New Computer System (PDF 25KB)
80 Ludwig ACC People Trafficking and Sexual Servitude Matter (PDF 12KB)
81 Ludwig ACC Document Verification System (PDF 26KB)
82 Ludwig ACC Recruitment Campaigns (PDF 13KB)
83 Ludwig ACC Organised Crime (PDF 28KB)
84 Ludwig Customs Cruise vessels (PDF 17KB)
85 Ludwig Customs Revenue leakage estimates (PDF 38KB)
86 Ludwig Customs 'Large Vessel' tender document (PDF 17KB)
87 Ludwig Customs SmartGate (PDF 18KB)
88 Ludwig Customs Joint Aviation Intelligence Groups (PDF 18KB)
89 Ludwig Customs Joint Aviation Intelligence Groups (PDF 17KB)
90 Ludwig Customs Tourist Refund Scheme (PDF 20KB)
91 Ludwig Customs International Crew Arrivals and Departures (PDF 18KB)
92 Ludwig Customs Import Processing Charge (PDF 18KB)
93 Ludwig Customs Prohibited Imports (PDF 20KB)
94 Ludwig Customs Recruitment Campaigns (PDF 20KB)
95 Ludwig AFP Capital projects (PDF 15KB)
96 Ludwig AFP ANZAC Park West headquarters (PDF 14KB)
97 Ludwig AFP PBS forecast to 2009/10 (PDF 14KB)
98 Ludwig AFP Workforce planning (PDF 13KB)
99 Ludwig AFP Recruitment (PDF 21KB)
100 Ludwig AFP UN Oil For Food Program (PDF 14KB)
101 Ludwig AFP requests from Centrelink regarding search and seizure (PDF 14KB)
102 Ludwig AFP ACT policing (PDF 15KB)
103 Heffernan AFP Correspondence to Minister for Justice and Customs (PDF 14KB)
104 Heffernan AFP Statutory Declaration (PDF 14KB)
105 Ludwig AFP RAMSI audit (PDF 25KB)
      attachment (PDF 371KB)
106 Nettle AFP Solomon Islands Police Commissioner (PDF 13KB)
107 Crossin AFP AFP co-operation with Indonesian authorities (PDF 18KB)
109 Ludwig AFP recruitment campaigns (PDF 14KB)
110 Ludwig AFP people smuggling (PDF 17KB)
111 Ludwig AFP people trafficking (PDF 23KB)
112 Ludwig AFP Sexual servitude crimes (PDF 17KB)
113 Ludwig AFP Online Sexual Exploitation Team (PDF 32KB)
114 Ludwig AFP Powers used under the Anti-Terrorism (No. 2) Act 2005 (PDF 16KB)
115 Ludwig AFP Recruitment: Air Security Officer Program (PDF 35KB)
116 Ludwig AFP Air Security Officer Program (PDF 14KB)
117 Ludwig AFP Voluntary education programs (PDF 16KB)
118 Nettle AFP Chief Commissioner, Fijian Police (PDF 14KB)
119 Ludwig AFP RAMSI (PDF 16KB)
120 Ludwig AFP RAMSI (PDF 22KB)
121 Ludwig AFP Discussions with Fiji Police (PDF 14KB)
122 Ludwig AFP RAMSI (PDF 51KB)
123 Ludwig AFP RAMSI (PDF 24KB)
124 Ludwig AFP 2006 Staff Opinion Analysis Review (PDF 24KB)
125 Ludwig AFP Staff opinion surveys (PDF 31KB)
126 Ludwig AFP Staff surveys (PDF 26KB)
127 Ludwig AFP Average Staffing Levels (PDF 61KB)
128 Ludwig AFP Staffing levels (PDF 18KB)
129 Ludwig AFP Recruitment (PDF 38KB)
130 Bartlett AFP People smuggling (PDF 15KB)
131 Bartlett AFP Individuals entering Australia (PDF 13KB)
132 Bartlett AFP People smuggling (PDF 14KB)
133 Trood ASIO Security assessments (PDF 12KB)
134 Nettle ASIO Security assessments (PDF 12KB)
135 Nettle ASIO ASIO visits to Nauru (PDF 12KB)
136 Bartlett ASIO applications for protection visas (PDF 12KB)
137 Ludwig ASIO National Document Verification System (PDF 16KB)
138 Stot-Despoja AUSTRAC Transaction reports (PDF 23KB)
139 Stott-Despoja AUSTRAC AML/CTF legislation (PDF 4KB)
140 Stott-Despoja AUSTRAC Referrals to other agencies (PDF 17KB)
141 Ludwig DPP Fraud prosecutions (PDF 22KB)
142 Ludwig DPP Fraud prosecutions (PDF 8KB)
143 Ludwig DPP Proceeds of Crime (PDF 56KB)
144 Ludwig DPP Proceeds of Crime Actions (PDF 3KB)
145 Ludwig DPP Criminal Assets Branch (PDF 18KB)
146 Ludwig DPP Review of the Operation of the POC Act. (PDF 3KB)
147 Ludwig DPP Restraining orders (PDF 56KB)
148 Ludwig DPP Recruitment campaigns (PDF 18KB)
149 Evans DPP Welfare fraud (PDF 12KB)
152 Ludwig CRIMTRAC Recruitment campaigns (PDF 17KB)
153 Ludwig CRIMTRAC Timeline detailing (PDF 40KB)
154 Evans FCA Family Court Statistics (PDF 15KB)
155 Crossin FCA Industrial relations matters (PDF 3KB)
156 Crossin FCA Unlawful terminations (PDF 13KB)
157 Crossin FCA Appointment of judges (PDF 13KB)
      Attachment to question no. 157 (PDF 1346KB)
158 Ludwig FCA Hudson Consulting contract (PDF 27KB)
159 Ludwig FCA Training providers (PDF 5KB)
160 Ludwig FCA Hudson consultancies (PDF 4KB)
161 Ludwig FCA Damage to Commonwealth property (PDF 4KB)
162 Crossin FMCA Unlawful terminations matters (PDF 14KB)
163 Crossin FMCA Unlawful terminations matters (PDF 18KB)
164 Ludwig FMCA Industrial relations matters (PDF 17KB)
165 Evans FMCA Magistrates Court statistics (PDF 9KB)
166 Ludwig HREOC Ms Goward (PDF 21KB)
167 Ludwig HREOC Media spend (PDF 3KB)
168 Crossin HREOC Employment of people with disabilities (PDF 17KB)
169 Bartlett HREOC Racial hatred complaints (PDF 3KB)
170 Siewert HREOC Monitoring of Welfare to Work (PDF 19KB)
171 Ludwig OPC National Document Verification Scheme (PDF 4KB)
172 Carr OPC Complaint (PDF 16KB)
173 Ludwig AFP Joint Banking and Finance Sector Investigation team (PDF 20KB)

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