Immigration & Citizenship Portfolio

Additional Budget Estimates 2006-2007 (February 2007)

Immigration & Citizenship Portfolio

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Tabled Documents:

Question on Notice Index: (Excel 144KB)

QoN Senator Agency/Branch Topic View
1 Ludwig DIAC Provide copy of break-up of ministerial responsibilities (PDF 21KB)
2 Ludwig DIAC Financial Year and the budget underspends and overspends (PDF 13KB)
3 Ludwig DIAC Shortfall of funding in ICT (PDF 14KB)
4 Ludwig DIAC $40 million overspend (PDF 13KB)
5 Ludwig DIAC Level of overspend in NSW and Qld offices (PDF 12KB)
6 Ludwig DIAC Breakdown of additional staff (PDF 12KB)
7 Crossin DIAC Mr Robb's duties (PDF 21KB)
8 Crossin DIAC Parliamentary Secretary staff (PDF 12KB)
9 Crossin DIAC Promotional DVDs (PDF 12KB)
10 Crossin DIAC List of DVDs currently produced (PDF 25KB)
11 Crossin DIAC Floor-sized jigsaw puzzles (PDF 12KB)
12 Crossin DIAC Cost of departmental name change (PDF 12KB)
13 Crossin DIAC Cost from DIMIA to DIMA (PDF 12KB)
14 Nettle DIAC Cost for rollout of uniforms (PDF 15KB)
15 Parry DIAC Staff in values and conduct unit (PDF 15KB)
16 Parry DIAC Number of employees (PDF 12KB)
17 Parry DIAC Cost of running of the Values and Conduct Unit (PDF 12KB)
18 Ludwig DIAC Official Development Assistance eligible activities (PDF 12KB)
18     Attachment (PDF 12KB)
19 Wong DIAC What was spent on recruitment agencies in 2006 (PDF 28KB)
20 Wong DIAC Opinion polls (PDF 14KB)
21 Wong DIAC Advertising campaigns (PDF 14KB)
22 Wong DIAC Water used and saved (PDF 22KB)
23 Crossin DIAC Immigration Legal Services (PDF 19KB)
24 Wong DIAC Campaign advertising (PDF 16KB)
25 Ludwig DIAC Grants allocated by the department/agency (PDF 12KB)
25     Attachment (PDF 274KB)
26 Ludwig DIAC Industry or vocational training standard (PDF 13KB)
27 Ludwig DIAC Current total staffing level (PDF 17KB)
28 Ludwig DIAC Increase in the number of DIAC staff on AWAs (PDF 69KB)
29 Ludwig DIAC IT consultants (PDF 18KB)
30 Ludwig DIAC NSW Budget overspend (PDF 13KB)
31 Ludwig DIAC Name change from DIMA to DIAC (PDF 13KB)
32 Nettle DIAC Climate change and people movement (PDF 12KB)
33 Nettle DIAC Stern Report (PDF 12KB)
34 Bartlett DIAC Contributory parent visa category (PDF 21KB)
35 Bartlett DIAC Males subjected to violence from female partners (PDF 13KB)
36 Bartlett DIAC Working Holiday visas (PDF 13KB)
37 Crossin DIAC Question on Notice No. 166 (PDF 27KB)
38 Crossin DIAC Converting business visitors to 457 visas (PDF 12KB)
39 Crossin DIAC Labour agreements renegotiated (PDF 12KB)
40 Crossin DIAC Position advertised before a 457 visa can be sponsored (PDF 12KB)
41 Ludwig DIAC Expo program for 2007-08 (PDF 13KB)
42 Crossin DIAC 300 subclass 457 visa sponsors under investigation (PDF 12KB)
43 Ludwig DIAC Investigations (PDF 42KB)
44 Crossin DIAC Financial penalties (PDF 12KB)
45 Ludwig DIAC MSL had not been met (PDF 12KB)
46 Ludwig DIAC Visas (PDF 13KB)
      QoN 46 attachment (PDF 510KB)
47 Kirk DIAC Visa subclass 442 (PDF 12KB)
48 Kirk DIAC Visa subclass 442 (PDF 12KB)
49 Kirk DIAC Visa subclass 442 (PDF 13KB)
50 Kirk DIAC Reasons for transfer from 442 to 457 visas (PDF 17KB)
51 Ludwig DIAC Figures for repeat offenders (PDF 15KB)
52 Crossin DIAC Nurse Bank Australia (PDF 12KB)
53 Crossin DIAC Number of 442 visa holders transferred to a 457 (PDF 27KB)
54 Webber DIAC Fletcher International WA (PDF 13KB)
55 Webber DIAC Failing to provide a safe workplace (PDF 12KB)
56 Webber DIAC Secondary visa holders employed in meat industry in WA (PDF 12KB)
57 Ludwig DIAC 457 visa known by another descriptor in electronic form (PDF 12KB)
58 Ludwig DIAC 457 visas (PDF 13KB)
59 Nettle DIAC Ministerial intervention cases (PDF 13KB)
60 Nettle DIAC Community group Senator Vanstone consulted (PDF 13KB)
61 Nettle DIAC Staff involved in process of Ministerial interventions (PDF 16KB)
62 Payne DIAC Refugees (PDF 11KB)
63 Nettle DIAC What is the current success rate for Iraqi asylum seekers (PDF 12KB)
64 Nettle DIAC Indonesians from West Papuan province (PDF 12KB)
65 Hurley DIAC AUSCO tender (PDF 12KB)
66 Hurley DIAC Information on how the AUSCO programme is provided (PDF 24KB)
67 Hurley DIAC Quality assurance framework for AUSCO programme (PDF 21KB)
68 Ludwig DIAC People currently holding TPVs in Australia (PDF 14KB)
69 Ludwig DIAC Promotional DVD (PDF 14KB)
70 Ludwig DIAC AUSCO quality assurance framework (PDF 13KB)
71 Nettle DIAC Bridging visas (PDF 12KB)
72 Nettle DIAC Videotape recording of Ms Rau (PDF 13KB)
73 Nettle DIAC Mr Robert Jovicic (PDF 12KB)
74 Nettle DIAC Nystrom affected cases (PDF 13KB)
75 Nettle DIAC Checklist for clients being removed from Australia (PDF 13KB)
76 Nettle DIAC Removals care plan (PDF 17KB)
77 Nettle DIAC Ombudsman's report on section 501 Migration Act (PDF 22KB)
78 Crossin DIAC Monthly cost of maintaining Port Hedland facility (PDF 20KB)
79     Not yet available  
80 Crossin DIAC Detainees on Christmas Island (PDF 12KB)
81 Bartlett DIAC Bed day costs at Toowong Hospital (PDF 16KB)
82 Crossin DIAC Christmas Island staffing (PDF 12KB)
83 Crossin DIAC Services currently purchased from local businesses (PDF 14KB)
84 Crossin DIAC New Christmas Island centre (PDF 12KB)
85 Crossin DIAC AFMA and Customs Gove facility (PDF 12KB)
86 Nettle DIAC Publications allowed in detention centre (PDF 12KB)
86     Attachment (PDF 292KB)
87 Nettle DIAC Copy of a menu plan for Villawood (PDF 12KB)
87     Attachment (PDF 62KB)
88 Nettle DIAC Detainees FOI-ing their own documents (PDF 12KB)
89 Nettle DIAC Stateless people (PDF 12KB)
90 Nettle DIAC Estimated monthly figure of illegal fishers (PDF 12KB)
91 Ludwig DIAC Quarantined item for illegal fishers (PDF 12KB)
92 Ludwig DIAC Table in answer to question number 209 (PDF 27KB)
93 Ludwig DIAC Question No. 184 (PDF 13KB)
94 Nettle DIAC Breakdown cost of charter flights (PDF 16KB)
95 Milne DIAC People smuggling (PDF 13KB)
96 Milne DIAC Location of the rescue of SIEVX survivors (PDF 12KB)
97 Milne DIAC Indonesian Police Report dated 24 October 2001 (PDF 12KB)
98 Ludwig DIAC Ballarat Courier story on Ali Bakhjtiarvandi (PDF 17KB)
99 Kirk DIAC In relation to answers given to Question 221 (PDF 13KB)
100 Kirk DIAC In relation to answers given to Question 181 (PDF 14KB)
101 Kirk DIAC In relation to answers given to Question 220 (PDF 19KB)
102 Ludwig DIAC Years 2005-06 Full-Time Equivalent positions (PDF 14KB)
103 Ludwig DIAC Full-Time Equivalent positions assigned to Torres Strait region (PDF 13KB)
104 Hurley DIAC AMEP (PDF 22KB)
105 Ludwig DIAC Complex Case Program (PDF 12KB)
106 Ludwig DIAC AMEP (PDF 13KB)
107 Ludwig DIAC AMEP (PDF 23KB)
108 Hurley DIAC Application refused (PDF 12KB)
109 Hurley DIAC Breakdown of $18 million (PDF 13KB)
110 Hurley DIAC Proposed formal citizenship test (PDF 12KB)
111 Hurley DIAC United Kingdom evaluation due in November last year (PDF 12KB)
112 Hurley DIAC Mr Julian Fenech work visa (PDF 13KB)
113 Nettle DIAC Costing for AMEP (PDF 12KB)
114 Trood DIAC Citizenship applications refused over last 10 years (PDF 15KB)
115 Ludwig DIAC Breakdown of cost for citizenship test (PDF 14KB)
116 Ludwig DIAC Resource booklet for citizenship test (PDF 13KB)
117 Ludwig DIAC Cost of travel to conduct/oversee citizenship tests (PDF 12KB)
118 Hurley DIAC Government cultural diversity program (PDF 14KB)
119 Kirk DIAC Statistics on how many hearings a particular matter has (PDF 12KB)
120 Kirk DIAC Cases that are decided without going to a formal hearing (PDF 12KB)
121 Evans DIAC Non-Muslim religious minorities in Iraq (PDF 13KB)

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