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Additional Budget Estimates 2006-2007 (February 2007)

Attorney-General's Portfolio

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Tabled Documents:

Question on Notice Index: (Excel 320KB)

QoN Senator Agency/Branch Topic View
  Ludwig Portfolio Overseas Development assistance (asked pre-hearings) (PDF 635KB)
1 Ludwig AGD Grants allocated from 1 January 2002 (PDF 332KB)
2 Wong AGD Recruitment Agency Spending (PDF 101KB)
3 Wong AGD Opinion Polls/Market Research (PDF 28KB)
4 Wong AGD Advertising Campaigns (PDF 18KB)
5 Wong Cross Portfolio Water Usage (PDF 14KB)
6 Wong Cross Portfolio Advertising (PDF 19KB)
7 Ludwig AGD Legal Services for the years 2005-06 (PDF 63KB)
8 Wong Cross Portfolio Advertising (PDF 16KB)
9 Brown AGD Allegations aired on ABCs Four Corners program (PDF 19KB)
10 Brown AGD Communications with Exclusive Brethren (PDF 14KB)
11 Brown AGD Government answer to Senate questions on Notice (PDF 13KB)
12 Ludwig AGD FOI  request (PDF 17KB)
13 Ludwig AGD Backbench taskforces (PDF 17KB)
14 Ludwig AGD Complaints to Ombudsman (PDF 32KB)
15 Ludwig AGD Financial reports (PDF 16KB)
16 Ludwig AGD Faulty hyperlink to annual report (PDF 17KB)
17 Wong AGD Good Security-Good Business Guide (PDF 19KB)
18 Evans AGD Exclusive Brethren submission to Family Law Review (PDF 93KB)
19 Evans AGD Departmental contact with Exclusive Brethren (PDF 18KB)
20 Evans AGD Exclusive Brethren (PDF 14KB)
20     Attachment A (PDF 500KB)
20     Attachment B (PDF 986KB)
20     Attachment C (PDF 966KB)
20     Attachment D (PDF 3151KB)
21 Evans AGD Exclusive Brethren correspondence (PDF 13KB)
22 Evans AGD Exclusive Brethren complaints (PDF 13KB)
23 Evans AGD Legislative exemptions for religious organisations (PDF 18KB)
24 Evans AGD Legislative exemptions for religious organisations (PDF 29KB)
25 Ludwig AGD Backbench taskforces (PDF 16KB)
26 Ludwig AGD Backbench taskforce (PDF 17KB)
27 Ludwig AGD Minutes from Backbench Steering Committee (PDF 126KB)
28 Ludwig AGD Framework for family practitioners (PDF 16KB)
29 Kirk AGD Marriage Celebrants training organisations (PDF 17KB)
30 Siewert AGD Requirements in Family Relationship Centres (PDF 22KB)
31     Deleted from index (duplicate of QoN 32)  
32 Fielding AGD Family Relationship Centres schedule of fees (PDF 27KB)
33 Kirk AGD Family Relationship Centres assessment guidelines (PDF 21KB)
34 Ludwig AGD Matters before AAT from DEWR (PDF 19KB)
35 Ludwig AGD Model litigant obligations (PDF 27KB)
36 Fielding AGD Advertising standards (PDF 17KB)
37 Crossin AGD WA native title claims (PDF 18KB)
38 Crossin AGD Indigenous Legal Aid budget 2004-05 (PDF 60KB)
39 Ludwig AGD National Community Crime Prevention Programme (PDF 60KB)
40 Ludwig AGD National Handgun Buyback Program (PDF 18KB)
41 Ludwig AGD Proceeds of Crime Act (PDF 51KB)
41a Ludwig AGD Proceeds of Crime Act Attachment
Section 298 Programs of Expenditure
(PDF 212KB)
42 Ludwig AGD People waiting extradition (PDF 43KB)
43 Ludwig AGD Firearms Policy Working Group outstanding issues (PDF 18KB)
44 Ludwig AGD Financial Action Task Force list of groups (PDF 32KB)
45 Ludwig AGD Phase 2 review under the OECD Convention (PDF 15KB)
46 Ludwig AGD Exposure Draft of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment Bill 2007 (PDF 17KB)
47 Ludwig AGD ALRC recommendations (PDF 18KB)
48 Kirk AGD Mr David Hicks (PDF 16KB)
49 Nettle AGD Mr Lodhi (PDF 14KB)
50 Ludwig ACC Expenditure on Operation Wickenby (PDF 22KB)
51 Ludwig ACC Special Investigations Concluded 31 December 2006 (PDF 26KB)
52 Ludwig ACC Database Access (PDF 19KB)
53 Nettle ACC Transitional Arrangements for ACLIE (PDF 19KB)
54 Ludwig ACC Honour Judge Morrish Judgement (PDF 17KB)
55 Ludwig ACS Navy's Armidale Class ships (PDF 16KB)
56 Ludwig ACS Accredited Client Program (PDF 21KB)
57 Ludwig ACS Civil Maritime Surveillance Plans (PDF 78KB)
58 Ludwig ACS Study by CSIRO (PDF 15KB)
59 Ludwig ACS Flying Hours for 'Coastwatch Contracted Aircraft' (PDF 29KB)
60     Not yet available  
61 Ludwig ACS Commonwealth Ombudsman 2005/06 Annual Report (PDF 20KB)
62 Ludwig ACS Running and Maintenance Cost Per Plane (PDF 15KB)
63 Ludwig ACS Eurocopter-145 Helicopter (PDF 15KB)
64 Ludwig ACS 2005-06 Annual Report (PDF 18KB)
65 Ludwig ACS 2005-06 Annual Report Enhanced CCTV Coverage (PDF 48KB)
66 Ludwig ACS Customs Officers situated Cairns to Dampier (PDF 38KB)
67 Ludwig ACS Passenger Movement and Intelligence Output (PDF 22KB)
68 Ludwig ACS Legitimate Movement of People Across the Border (PDF 33KB)
69 Ludwig ACS Tourist Refund Scheme (PDF 18KB)
70 Ludwig ACS Negotiations with EU regarding airline reservation data (PDF 19KB)
71 Ludwig ACS Prohibited Imports Regulations and Exports Regulations (PDF 19KB)
72 Ludwig ACS Illegal foreign Fishing Vessels (PDF 28KB)
73 Ludwig ACS Customs Compliance Assurance Strategy (PDF 17KB)
74 Ludwig ACS Screening of postal items (PDF 12KB)
75 Ludwig ACS Model of weapon issued to customs officers (PDF 20KB)
76 Ludwig ACS Air cargo scheme (PDF 23KB)
76 Ludwig ACS Attachment (PDF 101KB)
77 Ludwig ACS Number of TEU's selected for inspection (PDF 24KB)
78 Ludwig ACS Cargo containers entering Australian seaports (PDF 31KB)
79 Ludwig ACS Use of civilian charter vessels (PDF 19KB)
80 Ludwig ACS Customs annual report (PDF 22KB)
81 Ludwig ACS Cost of refittings of the Oceanic Viking (PDF 28KB)
82 Ludwig ACS Forfeited alcohol (PDF 14KB)
83 Ludwig ACS ANAO Report footnote 4 page 16 (PDF 18KB)
84 Ludwig ACS ICS Program (PDF 17KB)
85 Ludwig ACS Funding of project (PDF 19KB)
86 Ludwig ACS Project Financial Management (PDF 18KB)
87 Ludwig ACS Revised Business Case (PDF 20KB)
88 Ludwig ACS Abandonment of Plans (PDF 23KB)
89 Ludwig ACS CCF Project Management Review (PDF 19KB)
89 Ludwig ACS Attachment (PDF 91KB)
90 Ludwig ACS Full-Time Equivalent position (PDF 42KB)
91 Ludwig ACS Full-Time Equivalent positions - Torres Strait region (PDF 27KB)
92 Ludwig ACS Cargo Management Re-engineering Project (PDF 13KB)
92 Ludwig ACS Attachment (PDF 111KB)
93 Ludwig ACS CMR functionality (PDF 12KB)
94 Ludwig ACS ANAO report into CMR (PDF 15KB)
95 Ludwig ACS CMR Project (PDF 21KB)
96 Ludwig ACS CMR plan not needed (PDF 14KB)
97 Ludwig ACS CMR cascade reporting (PDF 13KB)
98 Ludwig ACS CMR capacity review (PDF 12KB)
99 Ludwig ACS Risk profiles turned off (PDF 16KB)
100 Ludwig ACS AQIS profiles (PDF 13KB)
101 Ludwig ACS Screening of cargo reports (PDF 17KB)
102 Ludwig ACS Statistics between air couriers and other air cargo (PDF 14KB)
103 Ludwig ACS Quarterly average on-time reporting rate (PDF 17KB)
104 Ludwig ACS Coastwatch - number of flying hours (PDF 14KB)
105 Ludwig ACS Cancellations due to crews' hours running out (PDF 12KB)
106 Ludwig ACS CMS04 Contract (PDF 21KB)
107 Ludwig ACS National Identity Security Strategy (PDF 17KB)
108 Evans AFP Advice HMAS Westralia provided to Defence by AFP (PDF 14KB)
109 Evans AFP Alleged theft of security Defence equipment (PDF 13KB)
110 Nettle AFP AFP providing input re David Hicks (PDF 14KB)
111 Nettle AFP AFP deployment to Afghanistan (PDF 14KB)
112 Ludwig AFP Research into de-radicalisation programs (PDF 23KB)
113 Milne AFP Harbour Master's report 22 October 2001 (PDF 31KB)
113     Attachment (PDF 84KB)
114 Milne AFP Response to Question on Notice No. 121 (PDF 20KB)
115 Milne AFP Senate Question No. 2023 (PDF 16KB)
116 Milne AFP People smuggler Khaleed Daoed (PDF 15KB)
117 Milne AFP Costs of fares - SIEV X survivors (PDF 19KB)
118 Ludwig AFP Increase of 422 officers to the IDG (PDF 24KB)
119 Ludwig AFP State and Territory police officers seconded to IDG (PDF 24KB)
120 Ludwig AFP AFP's response to QoN 97 (PDF 16KB)
121 Ludwig AFP ANZAC Park West Headquarters (PDF 60KB)
122 Ludwig AFP ANZAC Park West office building (PDF 20KB)
123 Ludwig AFP Value of internal resources ANZAC Park West precinct (PDF 14KB)
124 Ludwig AFP PSO - Current round of employment negotiations (PDF 16KB)
125 Ludwig AFP Report published on AAP (PDF 16KB)
126 Nettle AFP AFP intended use of Access Card (PDF 33KB)
127 Ludwig AFP Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity corruption investigations (PDF 15KB)
128 Ludwig AFP Requests AFP received from Centrelink (PDF 29KB)
129 Ludwig AFP Anti-Terrorism Act (No.2) Powers (PDF 16KB)
130 Ludwig AFP Air Marshall Academy Investigation QoN 115 (PDF 31KB)
131 Ludwig AFP Capital Works undertaken by the AFP (PDF 28KB)
132 Ludwig AFP Persons arrested on terrorism charges (PDF 43KB)
133 Ludwig AFP AFP access to databases (PDF 44KB)
134 Ludwig AFP Community policing in airports (PDF 18KB)
135 Nettle AFP Answer to QoN 100 on 31 October 2006 (PDF 14KB)
136 Ludwig AFP Joint Banking and Finance Sector Investigations Team (PDF 19KB)
137 Nettle ASIO Climate Change (PDF 12KB)
138 Nettle ASIO Mr David Hicks (PDF 10KB)
139 Nettle ASIO Security Assessment (PDF 12KB)
140 Nettle ASIO ASIO involvement with Citizenship refusals (PDF 15KB)
141 Ludwig ASIO Recruitment (PDF 10KB)
142 Ludwig ACLEI Overview in terms of establishment (PDF 24KB)
143 Nettle ACLEI Crimes Legislation Amendment (National Investigative Powers and Witness Protection) Bill (PDF 19KB)
144 Ludwig AUSTRAC Commonwealth Ombudsman's 2005-06 Annual Report (PDF 18KB)
145 Ludwig CRIMTRAC Access to database (PDF 28KB)
146 Ludwig CRIMTRAC Commonwealth Ombudsman's 2005-06 Annual Report (PDF 17KB)
147 Fierravanti-Wells NNTT Criticism of the Tribunal's mediation performance (PDF 37KB)
147     Attachment 1 (PDF 398KB)
147     Attachment 2 (PDF 543KB)
148 Siewert NNTT Factors affecting Native Title decisions (PDF 430KB)
149 Ludwig Privacy Commissioner Access Card (PDF 20KB)
150 Nettle Privacy Commissioner Privacy Breaches (PDF 23KB)
151 Nettle AFP Overseas Development Aid spent annually (PDF 14KB)

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