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Budget Supplementary Estimates 2006-07

Treasury portfolio

Answers to Questions on Notice




SBT-1 Wong Directors' duties and Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF 13KB)
SBT-2 Sherry Conduct of insurance companies (PDF 22KB)
SBT-3 Sherry Eedra Zey (further questions relating to BET 26) (PDF 36KB)
SBT-4 Sherry Paramount Financial Services (PDF 30KB)
SBT-5 Sherry Steve Huggett (PDF 13KB)
SBT-6 Sherry Pistachio Investors (PDF 21KB)
SBT-7 Murray Telstra Shareholder Proxy Form (PDF 19KB)
SBT-8 Carr First Home Owners Scheme (PDF 17KB)
SBT-9 Sherry United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (PDF 180KB)
SBT-10 Carr Housing prices (PDF 17KB)
SBT-11 Webber Automasters Australia Pty Ltd and Bruness Pty Ltd (PDF 30KB)
    Attachment 1 - Legal opinion of Mr McKerracher QC in relation to Auto Masters Australia, dated 26 October 1999 (PDF 3245KB)
    Attachment 2 - Memorandum from Mr McKerracher QC in relation to Auto Masters Australia, dated 22 November 1999 (PDF 42KB)
SBT-12 Ludwig Tabling of Annual Reports (PDF 17KB)
SBT-13 Ludwig Possible Parliamentary Questions - Question time briefs - ABS (PDF 15KB)
SBT-14 Ludwig Possible Parliamentary Questions - Question time briefs - ACCC (PDF 14KB)
SBT-15 Ludwig Possible Parliamentary Questions - Question time briefs - AOFM (PDF 13KB)
SBT-16 Ludwig Possible Parliamentary Questions - Question time briefs - APRA (PDF 14KB)
SBT-17 Ludwig Possible Parliamentary Questions - Question time briefs - ASIC  
SBT-18 Ludwig Possible Parliamentary Questions - Question time briefs - CAMAC (PDF 13KB)
SBT-19 Ludwig Possible Parliamentary Questions - Question time briefs - IGT (PDF 13KB)
SBT-20 Ludwig Possible Parliamentary Questions - Question time briefs -  NCC (PDF 13KB)
SBT-21 Ludwig Possible Parliamentary Questions - Question time briefs - PC (PDF 13KB)
SBT-22 Ludwig Possible Parliamentary Questions - Question time briefs - RAM (PDF 13KB)
SBT-23 Ludwig Possible Parliamentary Questions - Question time briefs -  Treasury (PDF 14KB)
SBT-24 Ludwig Cost of legal services (PDF 10KB)
SBT-25 Evans/Sherry APEC 2007 (PDF 16KB)
SBT-26 Webber Reward Insurance Ltd (PDF 19KB)
SBT-27 Conroy Franchisees: Licensed Post Offices (PDF 21KB)
SBT-28 Conroy Mail Contractors: Unconscionable conduct (PDF 19KB)
SBT-29 Evans Commodity price outlook (PDF 16KB)
SBT-30 Evans Inflation outlook/interest rates (PDF 15KB)
SBT-31 Evans Productivity (PDF 16KB)
SBT-32 Evans Employment growth and work choices (PDF 15KB)
SBT-33 Evans Government's submission to the Fair Pay Commission (PDF 12KB)
SBT-34 Evans Climate Change (PDF 12KB)
SBT-35 Evans Manufacturing sector (PDF 20KB)
SBT-36 Evans Treasury expenses (PDF 13KB)
SBT-37 Evans Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation (PDF 12KB)
SBT-38 Evans Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (PDF 10KB)
SBT-39 Evans Withholding tax (PDF 11KB)
SBT-40 Conroy Extension of exemption of broadcasting infrastructure from Part 11C of the Trade Practices Act (PDF 11KB)
SBT-41 Conroy Digital set top box (PDF 19KB)
SBT-42 Joyce Threshold for unconscionable conduct (PDF 14KB)
SBT-43 Ludwig Compliance of companies with ACCC undertakings (PDF 32KB)
SBT-44 Ludwig Franchise code of conduct under the Trade Practices Act (PDF 13KB)
SBT-45 Ludwig Accredited Client Program (related to BET 167) (PDF 17KB)
SBT-46 Sherry Legislative change regarding the IGT comments (PDF 10KB)
SBT-47 Wong Welfare to Work Payments (PDF 33KB)
SBT-48 Sherry Motor vehicles customs duty (PDF 11KB)
SBT-49 Sherry Tax losses cap for restructured companies (PDF 16KB)
SBT-50 Sherry FBT in the final budget outcome (PDF 15KB)
SBT-51 Sherry Entrepreneur tax offset (PDF 12KB)
SBT-52 Sherry Passenger Movement Charge  
SBT-53 Joyce Zone tax rebate (PDF 19KB)
SBT-54 Sherry Component Costs for self managed superannuation funds (PDF 10KB)
SBT-55 Sherry Penalties to employees regarding super and tax file numbers (PDF 12KB)
SBT-56 Sherry Tax deductibility of political donations (related to BET 31) (PDF 11KB)
SBT-57 Wong Cowra Abattoir - preliminary report from administrator (PDF 10KB)
SBT-58 Wong Cowra Abattoir - contact with ASIC (PDF 17KB)
SBT-59 Wong 300A of Corporations Law (PDF 15KB)
SBT-60 Murray ASIC press releases relating to not-for-profit sector (PDF 11KB)
SBT-61 Murray Prospectus disclosure (PDF 13KB)
SBT-62 Sherry Dispute mechanisms (PDF 21KB)
SBT-63 Sherry AXA defined benefits superannuation fund (PDF 11KB)
SBT-64 Sherry AXA and ASIC Enforceable Undertaking (EU) (PDF 11KB)
SBT-65 Sherry Telstra employees and CSS Super (PDF 12KB)
SBT-66 Sherry AMP EU (PDF 12KB)
SBT-67 Sherry Wholesale disclosure (PDF 14KB)
SBT-68 Sherry Complaints in banks (PDF 24KB)
SBT-69 Sherry Consumer protection regarding default super funds (PDF 15KB)
SBT-70 Sherry Clearing houses (PDF 13KB)
SBT-71 Sherry Hedge funds (PDF 12KB)
SBT-72 Murray Private Equity Funds (PDF 12KB)
SBT-73 Sherry Defined Benefit Fund (PDF 16KB)
SBT-74 Sherry AXA and legal advice (PDF 12KB)
SBT-75 Sherry AXA and total legal bill (PDF 12KB)
SBT-76 Sherry Wall and Ceiling Super Fund (PDF 14KB)
SBT-77 Sherry Trustee licences (PDF 11KB)
SBT-78 Murray Investment funds investing assets (PDF 12KB)
SBT-79 Sherry Concerns with licensing (PDF 16KB)
SBT-80 Sherry Trustee investigations (PDF 15KB)
SBT-81 Sherry Manipulation of the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (PDF 17KB)
SBT-82 Joyce Capital Gains Tax and overseas investors (PDF 12KB)
SBT-83 Sherry Quantum research (PDF 11KB)
SBT-84 Sherry Attendance at seminars (PDF 13KB)
SBT-85 Sherry Understanding Money handbooks (PDF 11KB)
SBT-86 Sherry FICS increase to $100,000 (PDF 13KB)
SBT-87 Joyce Domestic and foreign ownership of resource sector (PDF 11KB)
SBT-88 Joyce Domestic and Foreign ownership of resource sector and the effect on revenue (PDF 12KB)
SBT-89 Joyce Transfer of profits in corporate entity structures (PDF 12KB)
SBT-90 Ludwig Question Time Briefs - Parliamentary Questions - ATO (PDF 21KB)
SBT-91 Joyce ABNs allocated to trading businesses (PDF 15KB)
SBT-92 Sherry High wealth individuals - investigations and settlements (PDF 32KB)
SBT-93 Sherry Settlement information - BET 155 (PDF 18KB)
SBT-94 Sherry Childcare rebate claim figures (PDF 19KB)
SBT-95 Sherry GST and customs duties (PDF 17KB)
SBT-96 Sherry Superannuation guarantee lost files (PDF 15KB)
SBT-97 Sherry Superannuation guarantee - average written off (PDF 29KB)
SBT-98 Sherry Inappropriate access to taxpayer records (PDF 16KB)
SBT-99 Sherry Tax deduction for facilitation payments - Transparency International (PDF 23KB)
SBT-100 Sherry 12% increase in complaints about phone services (PDF 28KB)
SBT-101 Sherry GST debt (small to medium and micro) (PDF 36KB)
SBT-102 Sherry GST benchmark (PDF 17KB)
SBT-103 Sherry Bankruptcy action by segment (PDF 39KB)
SBT-104 Sherry Visa holders and DIMA data (PDF 18KB)
SBT-105 Sherry High wealth individuals settlements - reduced penalties and interest (PDF 20KB)
SBT-106 Sherry Work done by DBM Consultants (PDF 31KB)
SBT-107 Sherry Small Business Debt Assistance Initiative (number of taxpayers contacted either by phone or face to face) (PDF 17KB)
SBT-108 Sherry After hours debt project - assessment (PDF 16KB)
SBT-109 Conroy Collapse of Fibre to the Node talks (PDF 30KB)
SBT-110 Conroy Competition notice (PDF 28KB)
SBT-111 Conroy Industry reporting (PDF 24KB)
SBT-112 Conroy Price controls (PDF 15KB)
SBT-113 Conroy Accounting separation (PDF 19KB)
SBT-114 Conroy Record keeping rules (PDF 22KB)
SBT-115 Conroy Section 155 notices (PDF 26KB)
SBT-116 Conroy Regulatory impact (PDF 19KB)
SBT-117 Conroy Consumer benefits (PDF 14KB)
SBT-118 Conroy Writing to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) (PDF 16KB)
SBT-119 Conroy Advertising of downloading speeds (PDF 13KB)
SBT-120 Watson Anticompetitive pricing practices of Telstra (PDF 16KB)
SBT-121 Conroy Dispute about regulatory issues in the Telstra prospectus (PDF 13KB)
SBT-122 Conroy Hours spent on ensuring regulatory certainty for the Government and Telstra (PDF 11KB)
SBT-123 Conroy ASIC's involvement in previous Telstra sales (PDF 12KB)

Additional information, tabled documents and letters of correction/clarification

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