Industry and Science portfolio

Budget Estimates 2016-17 (May 2016)

Industry and Science portfolio

Responses to questions taken on notice at the Budget Estimates hearings are due by Wednesday 14 September 2016.

Index to Questions on Notice - (PDF 86KB)

Answers to Questions on Notice

Q No. Senator Group Responsible Subject Date Answered View
BI-1 Ketter, Chris Corporate Advertising 28/09/2016 (PDF 82KB)
BI-2 Ketter, Chris Anti-Dumping Commission Anti-Dumping Reforms 28/09/2016 (PDF 82KB)
BI-3 Ketter, Chris Sectorial Growth Policy Arrium the only steel provider 28/09/2016 (PDF 77KB)
BI-4 Ketter, Chris Digital Strategy and Operations Revamp of 28/09/2016 (PDF 17KB)
BI-5 Ketter, Chris Digital Strategy and Operations AusTender 28/09/2016 (PDF 9KB)
BI-6 Ketter, Chris AusIndustry - Business Services Accelerating commercialisation grant applications 28/09/2016 (PDF 80KB)
BI-7 Ketter, Chris Portfolio Strategic Policy R&D tax incentive 29/09/2016  (PDF 79KB)
BI-8 Ketter, Chris AUSI - Business Services CRCP applications 28/09/2016 (PDF 80K)
BI-9 Ketter, Chris CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Advisory Committee 28/09/2016 (PDF 81KB)
BI-10 Ketter, Chris CSIRO Advice provided by advisory committee to other research units 28/09/2016 (PDF 8KB)


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