Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Budget Estimates 2010-11 (May/June 2010)

Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Responses to questions taken on notice at the Budget Estimates hearings were due on Friday 30 July 2010 - standing order 74(5) takes effect 30 days after this date.

Index to Questions on Notice - (PDF 141KB)

Answers to Questions on Notice





Date Answered View
BR-1 Siewert DRET Disposal of the West Atlas Rig 05/10/2010 (PDF 5KB)
BR-2 Pratt DRET Drivers of energy price increases 05/10/2010 (PDF 13KB)
BR-3 Ludlam DRET Uranium Council staffing - Mark Chalmers compensation 05/10/2010 (PDF 4KB)
BR-4 Bushby Geoscience Australia Exploration of Geological Basins 05/10/2010 (PDF 6KB)
BR-5 Ludlam Geoscience Australia Open pit mines and seismic activity 05/10/2010 (PDF 5KB)
BR-6 Ludlam Geoscience Australia Earthquakes and tremors in Tenant Creek 05/10/2010 (PDF 6KB)
        Attachment A (PDF 5349KB)
        Attachment B (PDF 948KB)
BR-7 Ludlam DRET Uranium Mining Best Practice Guide 05/10/2010 (PDF 13KB)
BR-8 Eggleston Australian Solar Institute Mildura Solar Project 05/10/2010 (PDF 5KB)
BR-9 Milne Australian Solar Institute Solar Grants Roadmap 05/10/2010 (PDF 15KB)
BR-10 Bushby DRET National Long Term Tourism Strategy 05/10/2010 (PDF 7KB)
BR-11 Bushby DRET Standing Committee on Tourism and the TMC 05/10/2010 (PDF 6KB)
BR-12 Bushby DRET China Approved Destination Status Scheme 05/10/2010 (PDF 6KB)
BR-13 Bushby DRET Consumer protection for overseas tourists 05/10/2010 (PDF 5KB)
BR-14 Bushby DRET Tourism costs - various programs 05/10/2010 (PDF 12KB)
BR-15 McGauran Tourism Australia American Visitors 05/10/2010 (PDF 6KB)
BR-16 Eggleston Tourism Australia Overseas spending 05/10/2010 (PDF 77KB)
BR-17 Eggleston Tourism Australia Regional Tourism 05/10/2010 (PDF 11KB)
        Attachment B (PDF 94KB)
BR-18 Macdonald Tourism Australia Tourism Visitor Statistics 05/10/2010 (PDF 19KB)
BR-19 Macdonald DRET Business events fact sheet 05/10/2010 (PDF 4KB)
BR-20 Macdonald DRET Business events tourism 05/10/2010 (PDF 4KB)
BR-21 Macdonald DRET Indigenous tourism activity 05/10/2010 (PDF 15KB)
BR-22 Birmingham Tourism Australia Stimulus spending 05/10/2010 (PDF 7KB)
        Attachment A (PDF 58KB)
        Attachment B (PDF 90KB)
BR-23 Birmingham Tourism Australia International advertising spend 05/10/2010 (PDF 11KB)
BR-24 Birmingham Tourism Australia Aussie Specialist Program 05/10/2010 (PDF 5KB)
BR-25 Birmingham DRET National Tourism Accreditation Framework 05/10/2010 (PDF 8KB)
BR-26 McGauran DRET Victorian Bushfire Tourism Industry Support Package 05/10/2010 (PDF 22KB)
BR-27 McGauran Tourism Australia 'Australia' movie tourism campaign 05/10/2010 (PDF 10KB)
BR-28 McGauran Tourism Australia 'Australia' movie tourism campaign - target markets 05/10/2010 (PDF 22KB)
BR-29 Bushby DRET Tourism Australia budget 05/10/2010 (PDF 12KB)
BR-30 Bushby DRET Costing of Tourism Research Australia 05/10/2010 (PDF 5KB)
BR-31 Bushby Tourism Australia Tourism Australia spending 05/10/2010 (PDF 5KB)
BR-32 Birmingham DRET Renewable Energy Fund and Energy Efficiency Fund 11/10/2010 (PDF 16KB)
BR-33 Barnett DRET RET corporate issues - staffing 05/10/2010 (PDF 204KB)
BR-34 Boswell DRET / ASI Australian Solar Institute 05/10/2010 (PDF 10KB)
        Attachment A (PDF 650KB)
BR-35 Bob Brown Geoscience Australia Greater Sunrise gas field 05/10/2010 (PDF 20KB)
BR-36 Bushby DRET Tourism projects 05/10/2010 (PDF 10KB)
BR-37 Heffernan DRET Mining in Gunnedah 05/10/2010 (PDF 5KB)
BR-38 Siewert Geoscience Australia Ord River Irrigation Scheme 05/10/2010 (PDF 6KB)
BR-39 Birmingham DRET Solar Flagships Program 05/10/2010 (PDF 11KB)
BR-40 Birmingham DRET Buildings' energy efficiency 05/10/2010 (PDF 9KB)
BR-41 Eggleston DRET RET corporate issues (advertising / Secretary salary) 05/10/2010 (PDF 4KB)
BR-42 Eggleston DRET Resources Super Profits Tax 05/10/2010 (PDF 23KB)
BR-43 Eggleston Geoscience Australia Geothermal energy / deep-sea resources / collaboration with other agencies 05/10/2010 (PDF 10KB)
BR-44 Eggleston National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority Offshore petroleum regulatory environment 05/10/2010 (PDF 10KB)
BR-45 Eggleston Australian Solar Institute Solar power towers / ASI grants 05/10/2010 (PDF 22KB)
BR-46 Eggleston DRET National Tourism Accreditation Framework 06/10/2010 (PDF 13KB)
BR-47 Eggleston Tourism Australia Tourism Australia activities 05/10/2010 (PDF 98KB)
BR-48 Bushby Tourism Australia National Tourism Accreditation Framework funding 05/10/2010 (PDF 8KB)
BR-49 Eggleston DRET Administered Programs 05/10/2010 (PDF 5KB)
        Attachment A (PDF 539KB)
BR-50 Eggleston DRET/ANSTO Nuclear Waste Repository 05/10/2010 (PDF 5KB)
BR-51 Eggleston DRET Bloom box - mini power plant project 05/10/2010 (PDF 4KB)
BR-52 Birmingham DRET Clean Energy Hub 05/10/2010 (PDF 8KB)
BR-53 Fisher DRET Renewable Energy Fund 05/10/2010 (PDF 11KB)
BR-54 Ludlam DRET/ANSTO Nuclear test compensation 05/10/2010 (PDF 9KB)

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