Appendix 1 - Submissions and additional information

Appendix 1Submissions and additional information

1Alan Dolphin

2Joel MacKay

3Janice Haviland

4Martin Derby

5Name Withheld

6Silvia Borello

7GREY2K USA Worldwide

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

8Susan Sorensen

9Greyhound Rescue

10Sandro Bechini

11Louise Taylor

12Tom Wright

13Diane Roberts

14Shohre Mansouri Jajaee

15Andrew Wilkie MP

16Leisa Lloyd

17Katherine Harris

18Hannah Lawrence

19Kim Johnstone

20Kerrie di Cataldo


22RSPCA Tasmania

23Animal Defenders Office


25Australian Veterinary Association

26NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission

27Greyhounds Australasia

28Racing Queensland

29CAGED Nationwide

30Animal Justice Party

31Greyt Greys Rescue Inc

32Greyhound Adoptions WA

33Racing 2 Rehome Inc.

34Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds

35Humane Society International Australia

36Greyhound Racing Victoria

37Racing & Wagering WA

38Greyhound Racing New Zealand

40Greyhound Welfare Initiative

41Sentient, The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics

42Animals Australia

43Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

44Greyhound Racing NSW

45Animal Liberation

45.1 Supplementary to submission 45

46Free the Hounds

46.1 Supplementary to submission 46

47Department of Home Affairs

48NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners & Trainers Association

49Katrina Larsen

50Dr Monika Merkes

51Emma Grundy

52Emily Vaughton

53Rohan Davey

54Name Withheld

55Keryn Woolmer

56Name Withheld

57Savannah Baker

58Andrew Smith & Michelle de Mol

59Dr Victoria Sublette

60Robyn G. Henriksen

61MX Mira Thurner

62Eric Snowball

63Name Withheld

64Wes Pudsey

65Erica Kloot

66Matt Jewell

67Alyson Ryan

68Name Withheld

69Michael Doolan

70Jeneille Sinclair

71Malcolm and Claudia Choat

72Dr Belinda Oppenheimer

73Name Withheld

74Helen Schaper

75Name Withheld

76Name Withheld

77Teresa Romanovsky

78Deviani Segal

79Rhiannon Daly

80Charles Davis

81Susan Absalom

82Name Withheld

83Deborah Cleaves

84Sarah Brown

85Chris Thompson

86Name Withheld

87Dr Lisa Campbell

88Catherine Gray

89Peter Morris

90Simone Wilson

91Bob Hamilton-Bruce and Alex Gaut

92Jenny Tibbenham

93Sheridan Stumm

94Linda Steeth

95Sophie Firth

96Irene Callahan

97Angela Nilsen

98Warren Henry

99Sister Josephine Mitchell RSJ

100Jan Kendall

101Gayle Williams

102Susan Cotton

103Adam Locke

104Sarah Bateson

105Ryan Vanderwert

106Ron Woodward

107Dr Ernst Von Haller

108Name Withheld

109Jenny Brown

110Eileen Fletcher

111Robina Hodgson

112Sue Kreger

113Dr Dagmar Ceramidas

114Tony De Palo

115Sarah Hennessy

116Dr Margo van Felius

117Julie McWhirter

118Fiona Dunham

119Name Withheld

120Kendall Bridges

121Happy Paws Haven Inc

123Name Withheld

124Joan R. Rodgers

125Dr Cath Henshall

126Hayley Day

127Dominique Thiriet

128Boyd Robinson

129Sue Linnert

130John Brown

131Name Withheld

132Dr Tony Shackleton

133Larissa Foster

134Philip Machin

135Amy Cocciadiferro

136Glenda Clifford

137Name Withheld

138Jodie Cherry

139Heather-Maree Thompson

140Dominique Grahame

141Sarah Hartree

142Name Withheld

143Name Withheld

144Judi Hurley

145Digby Habel

146Name Withheld

147Name Withheld

148Vivien Pollard

149Name Withheld

150Emily Banks

151Cara Daily

152Joan Gillis

153Lee O'Mahoney

154Jill Underdown

155Robin Rivington

156Amber Beilharz

157Jessica Albrow

158Ann-Maree McKee

159Kristin Jenkins

160Dr Susan Carden

161Sophie Kukulies

162Antoinette Walker

163Steve Evans

164Dr Mark Newton

165Claire Mann

166Kit Nikora

167Susan Metcalfe

168Megan Thornton-Smith

169Lesley French

170Joanna Shah

171Name Withheld

172Name Withheld

173Name Withheld

174Name Withheld

175Natalie Kopas

176Ellie Herodes

177Geoff Collins

178Sue Tomat

179J. Brown

180Caged Nationwide and Sighthound Welfare UK

181Myriam Hribar

182Name Withheld

183Candy’s Greyhound Rescues International

184Wendy Ward

185Narelle Harbright

186Kimberley Oxley

187Name Withheld

188Name Withheld

189Tore Grillo

190Name Withheld

191Name Withheld

192Name Withheld

193Name Withheld

194Colleen Collier

195Ms Cheryl Forrest-Smith

196Bethani Morris

197Ms Jennifer McDonald

198Ms Lisa Baker MLA


200Name Withheld

201Ms Gail Knight

202Ms Christabel Dundon

203Ms Georgie Purcell

204Name Withheld

205Mr Paul Davison

206Name Withheld

207Name Withheld

208Mrs Kim McDonald


210Pet Levrieri

211Ms Corinne MacKenzie

212Name Withheld

213Name Withheld

214Name Withheld


216Mr Stephen Price


Answers to Questions on Notice

1Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, response to question taken on notice, public hearing 15 September 2023 (received 04 October 2023)

2Greyhounds Australasia, response to written questions taken on notice (received 09 October 2023)

3Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry,response to written questions taken on notice (received 17 October 2023)

Form Letters

1Example of letter (with variations) received from approximately 1,500 individuals

2Example of letter (with variations) received from approximately 190 individuals

3Example of letter (with variations) received from approximately 12 individuals

4Example of letter (with variations) received from approximately 19 individuals