Appendix 2 - Public hearings

Appendix 2Public hearings

Wednesday, 31 January 2024

Room 2S3

Parliament House


Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees' Association

Ms Katie Biddlestone

Australian Council of Trade Unions

Ms SaschaPeldova-McClelland

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


MrJack Morrish

Australian Discrimination Law Experts Group

Dr Bill Swannie

Associate Professor Alysia Blackham

Dr Robin Banks

Australian Lawyers Alliance

Mr Shaun Marcus

Law Council of Australia

MrGreg McIntyre

Ms Katherine Eastman

Ms Leonie Campbell

Equality Australia

Mr Ghassan Kassisieh

The Working Women's Centre SA Inc

MsAbbey Kendell

Ms Caitlin Feehan

Kingsford Legal Centre

Ms Emma Golledge

Human Rights Law Alliance

Mr John Steenhof

Freedom for Faith

Mr Mike Southon

Mr Mark Spencer

Bishop Michael Stead

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

Grata Fund and Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Ms IsabelleReinecke

MsCourtney Law

MsEllen Tilbury

Ms Mitchell Skipsey

People with Disability Australia

Ms LisaIra

Ms Joanne Yates

Australian Human Rights Commission

Professor Rosalind Croucher

Dr Anna Cody

Ms Melissa De Abreu

Attorney-General's Department

Ms Anne Sheehan

Ms Petra Gartmann

Ms Claire Stephens

National Legal Aid

Ms Katherine McKernan

Ms Melanie Schleiger