Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

Completed inquiries and reports

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Inquiry name Date completed
Legislation Committee  
Export Finance and Insurance Corporation Amendment (Support for Infrastructure Financing) Bill 2019 [Provisions]
26 March 2019
Australian Veterans’ Recognition (Putting Veterans and their Families First) Bill 2019 [Provisions]
22 March 2019
Defence Amendment (Sovereign Naval Shipbuilding) Bill 2018
14 February 2019
Veterans’ Affairs Legislation Amendment (Veteran-centric Reforms No. 2) Bill 2018
18 June 2018
Intelligence Services Amendment (Establishment of the Australian Signals Directorate) Bill 2018 [provisions]
21 March 2018
Veterans’ Affairs Legislation Amendment (Budget Measures) Bill 2017
13 June 2017
Veterans’ Affairs Legislation Amendment (Omnibus) Bill 2017
13 June 2017
Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Legislation Amendment (Defence Force) Bill 2016
20 March 2017
Veterans' Affairs Legislation Amendment (Digital Readiness and Other Measures) Bill 2016 [Provisions]
20 February 2017
Export Finance and Insurance Corporation Amendment (Support for Commonwealth Entities) Bill 2016 [Provisions]
7 February 2017
Civil Nuclear Transfers to India Bill 2016 [Provisions]
24 November 2016
References Committee  
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
14 February 2019
Use of the Quinoline anti-malarial drugs Mefloquine and Tafenoquine in the Australian Defence Force
4 December 2018
Proposed Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership
18 September 2018
Australia's Trade and Investment Relationships with the Countries of Africa
21 June 2018
Implications of climate change for Australia’s national security
17 May 2018
Impact of Defence training activities and facilities on rural and regional communities: Final report
10 May 2018
Suicide by veterans and ex-service personnel
15 August 2017
Matters raised by NSW Police Strike Force CIVET
22 June 2017
Department of Defence's management of credit and other transaction cards
11 May 2017
Operation of the Australian Defence Force's resistance to interrogation training
27 March 2017 
Proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement
7 February 2017
Planned acquisition of the F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter) 13 October 2016

Report on references not disposed of at the end of the 44th Parliament (PDF 85KB)