Appendix 1 - Submissions, tabled documents and additional information

Appendix 1Submissions, tabled documents and additional information

1Terrestrial Energy Inc

2RePlanet Australia

3Electrical Trades Union

4Australian Nuclear Association

5entX Limited

6Women in Nuclear Australia

7Ultra Safe Nuclear Australia Pty Ltd

8StarCore Nuclear

9Friends of the Earth Adelaide

10JDC Electrical and Communication

11Nuclear For Climate Australia

12Environment House

13The Australian Academy of Science

14Friends of the Earth Australia, Australian Conservation Foundation,Greenpeace Australia Pacific,Wilderness Society, Conservation Council of WA, Conservation SA,Nature Conservation Council (NSW), Environment Victoria, Queensland Conservation Council, Environment Centre NT and Environs Kimberley

15Nuclear for Australia

16Ms Helen Cook, GNE Advisory

17Independent and Peaceful Australia Network

18SMR Nuclear Technology PTY LTD

19Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

20Fusion Party

21Marrickville Peace Group

22Dr Sundance Bilson-Thompson

23Voice for Walcha

24Minerals Council of Australia

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25Australian Workers' Union

26Institute of Public Affairs

27Silex Systems Limited

28Medical Association for Prevention of War

29Australian Citizens Party

30Australian Resources Development Pty Ltd

31Top End Peace Alliance

32Adj. Prof. Stephen Wilson

33Innovative Process Upgrade Technologies

34Dr James Taylor, Mr Bill Bourke, Mr Craig Brooking, Mr Rafe Champion, Mr Howard Dewhirst, Mr Paul Goard, Mr Peter J F Harris, Mr John McBratney, Dr Paul McFadyen, Dr John McLean, Dr Alan Moran, Dr John L Nicol, Emeritus Professor Cliff Ollier and Dr Peter Ridd

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Attachment 2

35Mr Alan Lawrenson

36Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

37Dr Adrian Paterson

38South Australian Chamber of Mines & Energy

39Responsible Energy Development for New England

40Mr David Mayes

41Ms Mary Szental

42Mr John Lewis

43Mr Darryl Nelson

44Mr Barrie Hill

45Ms Marie-Louise Drew

46Mr Benjamin Cronshaw

47Mr Neville Rutter

48Mr Andrew Williams

49Dr Craig Cooper

50Mr Raymond Ongley

51Mr Jim Bain

52Mr Randall Starling

53Ms Susanne Godden

54Mrs Janet Pukallus

55Name Withheld

56Ms Deborah Pergolotti

57Name Withheld

58Name Withheld

59Mr William Morrison

60Mr Peter Johnson

61Mr Ivan Quail

62Mr Michael Mardel

63Mr John Wood

64Mr Graeme Batterbury

65Ms Jessica Wysser

66Mr Greg Chapman

67Mr Ray Tauss

68Ms Tess Dawson

69Mr Walter A Starck

70Ms Judy Schneider

71Ms Julie Fraser

72Mr Ian Furness

73Mr Quentin Dresser

74Ms Diana Rickard

75Mr Rodney Elvish

76Mr Alexander Cornell Stewart

77Mr Barry Murphy

78Jean M. Christie

79Mr Keith Derek Kerr

80Ms Michele Kwok

81Mr Don Higson

82Mr Kenneth Martin

83Name Withheld

84Mr Thomas W. Adams

85Mr John Zink

86Mr Gregory O'Brien

87Mr Peter Briggs

88Mr Murray Morris

89Mr Adam Medica

90Mr John Jenkins

91Mr Tony Angelevski

92Mr Alan Hewett

93Ms Suzann Vasanji

94Ms Jan Wu

95Mr Patrick Geeves

96Mr George Papadopoulos

97Mr Wayne Crawford

98Mr Hugh Drum

99Virgil Smith

100Mr Dayne Eckermann

101Mr Peter Lane

102Ms Noel Wauchope

103Ms Helen Bradbury

104Mr Robert Heron

104.1 Supplementary to submission 104

105Ms Beth White

106Ms Karyn Green and Mr Peter McLaren

107Mr John Newlands

108Mr Alexander Joseph Walsh

109Dr Dave Collins

110Mr Robert Pritchard

111Mrs Kay Christensen

112Mr Peter Hickson

113Name Withheld

114Mr Justin Tutty

115Name Withheld

116Name Withheld

117Mr Dennis Pukallus

118Name Withheld

119Dr Christopher Kaalund

120Mr Matthew Tomblin

121Name Withheld

122Mr Timothy Clifford

123Mr Louis Rozman

124Mr Ian Levy

125Name Withheld

126Professor Chilla Bulbeck

127Professor George Burns

128Professor James Doery

129Ms Robyn Sullivan

130Ms Donna Brooker

131Mr Nunzio Grimaldi

132Mr Paul Chamberlain

133Mr Logan Smith

134Ms Monica Leggett

135Name Withheld

136Ms Grusha Leeman

137Hazel Kleinau

138Mr Desmond Whyte

139Mr Angus Ladyman-Palmer

140Mr Steven Eley

141Mr Timothy Nott

142Name Withheld

143Mr Marc Centner

144Name Withheld

145Mr Tim Mortimer

146Mr Dan Monceaux

147Mr Larry O'Loughlin

148Mrs Louise Ackland

149Friends of the Earth Australia

149.1 Supplementary to submission 149

150Mr Robert Webb

151Mr Nick Pastalatzis

152Form letter examples

Tabled Documents

1Energy Policy Institute of Australia, Future Australian Electricity Generation Costs, September 2022, tabled by Senator Van during 15 May 2023 Canberra public hearing.

2Stephen Wilson, What would be required, tabled by Stephen Wilson during 15 May 2023 Canberra public hearing.

3Screenshot of waste barrels taken from Twitter video posted by the Hon Chris Bowen MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy, tabled by Senator the Hon Matt Canavan during 15 May 2023 Canberra public hearing.

Additional Information

1Compass Polling, Energy Market and Nuclear in Australia, May 2023, additional information provided by William Shackel.

2Additional information provided by Mr Tony Irwin, SMR Nuclear Technology, May 2023.

Answer to Question on Notice

1Ms Helen Cook, Principal, GNE Advisory Pty Ltd, answer to question on notice, public hearing, Canberra, 15 May 2023 (received 19 May 2023).

2CSIRO, answers to questions on notice, public hearing, Canberra, 15 May 2023 (received 31 May 2023).

3Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, answer to question on notice, public hearing, Canberra, 15 May 2023 (received 1 June 2023).

4Department of Industry, Science and Resources, answer to question on notice, public hearing, Canberra, 15 May 2023 (received 20 June 2023).

5Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, answer to question on notice, public hearing, Canberra, 15 May 2023 (received 31 May 2023).