Appendix 2 - Public hearing and witnesses

Appendix 2Public hearing and witnesses

Friday, 30 June 2023

Committee Room 2S3

Parliament House


Threatened Species Scientific Committee

Professor Helene Marsh, Chair

Professor Kingsley Dixon, Member

ACT Government

Rebecca Vassarotti, Minister for the Environment

Victoria Clark, Director Strategic Development Policy (videoconference)

Geoffrey Rutledge, Deputy Director-General, Environment, Water and Emissions Reduction

NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust

The Hon Niall Blair, Board (videoconference)

Dr Erin Giuliani, Chief Executive Officer (videoconference)

Holly Park, Co-Director, Partnerships and Investment (videoconference)

Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Alex Graham, Executive Director, Landscapes, Water and Natural Capital, Environment and Heritage Policy and Programs (videoconference)

Cara Sanders-Wall, Senior Program Officer, Natural Capital Program (videoconference)


Dr Joshua Bishop, Conservation Economist

Australian Land Conservation Alliance

Dr Jody Gunn, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Michael Cornish, Policy Lead

The National Conservancy Australia

Dr James Fitzsimons, Director of Conservation and Science (videoconference)

Environmental Defenders Office

Frances Medlock, Solicitor, Government and Commonwealth Liaison (videoconference)

The Australia Institute

Richard Denniss, Executive Director

The Wilderness Society

Tim Beshara, Manager of Policy and Strategy

Climate Friendly

Skye Glenday, Co-Chief Executive Officer

Jay Hender, Executive Manager, Business Development

Carbon Market Institute

Kurt Winter, Director, Corporate Transition

Gabriella Warden, Manager, Research and Government Relations

Law Council of Australia

Robyn Glindemann, Chair, Australian Environment and Planning Law Group (videoconference)

Anna Vella, Committee member, Australian Environment and Planning Law Group, Legal Practice Section (teleconference)

Dr Peter Burnett, Private capacity

Dr Megan Evans, Private capacity

Dr Yung En Chee, Private capacity

Clean Energy Regulator

David Parker, Chief Executive Officer and Chair

Shayleen Thompson, Executive General Manager

Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

Lyn O'Connell, Deputy Secretary

James Tregurtha, Head of Taskforce, Nature Positive Taskforce

Anthony Bennie, Division Head, Nature Repair Market and Environmental Science

Dr Ryan Wilson, Director

Jeremy Thomas, Director, Biodiversity Markets Policy and Design Section

Mahani Taylor, Branch Head, Nature Positive Law Reform and Standards Branch, Nature Positive Taskforce

Monday, 11 September 2023

Committee Room 2S3

Parliament House


National Farmers' Federation

Tony Mahar, Chief Executive Officer

Warwick Ragg, General Manager, Natural Resource Management

Australian Sustainable Finance Institute

Kristy Graham, Chief Executive Officer

Rob Koczkar, Member (videoconference)

Tom Murphy, Member

Australian Climate and Biodiversity Foundation

Dr Ken Henry, Chair (videoconference)

Lyndon Schneiders, Executive Director