List of recommendations

List of recommendations

Recommendation 1

5.15The committee recommends that Education Ministers fast-track implementation of the recommendations from the Teacher Education Expert Panel, encompassed in:

Priority Reform 1: Strengthening ITE Programs to Deliver Effective Beginning Teachers; and

Priority Reform 3: Improving the Quality of Practical Experience in Teaching.

Recommendation 2

5.21The committee recommends that the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority strengthen the focus on behaviour within the Australian Curriculum by specifically introducing a 'Behaviour Curriculum'.

Recommendation 3

5.29The committee recommends that government and non-government education authorities are required to invest in the professional development of teachers, so that they are supported by the latest evidence-based teaching skills to manage classroom behaviour.

Recommendation 4

5.30The committee recommends that Education Ministers, as part of the next National School Reform Agreement, require evidence-based instructional models, such as explicit instruction; formative assessment; mastery learning; and spacing and retrieval, which have been proven effective at creating a learning climate that manages disruptive behaviour in classrooms and provides the best possible learning conditions, to be implemented.

Recommendation 5

5.31The committee notes the lead taken by the NSW Minister for Education and recommends that future school buildings are funded and constructed on the basis that they will deliver the best learning environments for students, such as traditional classrooms, as opposed to open-plan classrooms.

Recommendation 6

5.37The committee recommends that state and territory governments explore more effective integration between education and healthcare services so schools can have timely access to student support services, including psychologists, social workers, and behaviour specialists, to help identify and manage disruptive behaviour.

Recommendation 7

5.42The committee recommends that Education Ministers commission an annual national survey of students and staff on behaviour in schools, including school learning climate, behavioural culture and policies, and the frequency and impact of classroom disruption and schools' responses.

Recommendation 8

5.46The committee recommends that the National School Reform Agreement Ministerial Reference Group consider including strategies for addressing disruptive classroom behaviour as one of the priorities for the next National School Reform Agreement.

Recommendation 9

5.47The committee urges the National School Reform Agreement Ministerial Reference Group to fast-track the implementation of the National Unique Student Identifier for school students, an initiative of the current National School Reform Agreement.