Appendix 2 - Public Hearings and Witnesses

Appendix 2Public Hearings and Witnesses

Thursday, 20 April 2023

Brisbane Airport Conference Centre

2 Dryandra Road

Brisbane Airport

Queensland University of Technology - Centre for Inclusive Education

Professor Linda Graham, Director

Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion

Ms Matilda Alexander, Chief Executive Officer

Sophie Wiggans, Systems Advocate

Elly Desmarchelier, Project Worker

The Australian Association for Flexible and Inclusive Education

Mr Dale Murray, Co-Chair

Catholic School Parents Australia

Ms Carmel Nash OAM, Executive Member

Australian Secondary Principals' Association

Mr Andrew Pierpoint, President

Mr Mark Breckenridge, Vice-President

Mrs Robyn Thorpe, President of Northern Territory Principals Association (via teleconference)

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Freemantle Room

Parmelia Hilton


Dr Helen Egeberg, Private capacity

Western Australian Education Support Principals and Administrators Association (WAESPAA)

Ms Deborah Taylor, President

WA Department of Education

Ms Lisa Rodgers, Director General

Ms Melesha Sands, Deputy Director General - Schools

Mr Martin Clery, Executive Director - Statewide Services

Mr Stuart Percival, Assistant Executive Director, Professional Capability

Mr John Burke, Principal, Bob Hawke College

Ms Louise O'Donovan, Principal, Wattleup East Primary School


Ms Amanda Lovelock, Head of Operations

Ms Natalie Alach, Senior Coordinator PCWA

Ms Nancy Kirby, Operations Manager (via teleconference)

Square Peg Round Whole WA

Ms Symone Wheatley-Hey, State Coordinator/Member advocate

Ms Tania Cataldo, Member advocate

The Y WA

Dr Tim McDonald, Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Michael Foundation

Mr Paul Mugambwa, Chief Executive Officer

Western Australia Council of State School Organisations

Mrs Pania Turner, President

Friday, 4 August 2023

Cora & Cruwee Rooms

Pullman Sydney Airport Hotel


Dr Jennifer Buckingham OAM, Private capacity


Dr Robyn Wheldall, Director

Australian Catholic University

Dr Paul Kidson, Senior Lecturer in Educational Leadership

Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA)

Mrs Karen Yager, Vice President

NSW Department of Education

Ms Leanne Nixon, A/g Deputy Secretary, Learning Improvement

Ms Cathy Brennan, A/g Deputy Secretary, School Performance North

Friday, 15 September 2023

Committee Room 2S3

Parliament House


The Centre for Independent Studies

Mr Glenn Fahey, Program Director, Education Policy

Dr Donna Cross OAM, Private capacity

Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

Mr David de Carvalho, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Sharon Foster, Executive Director, Curriculum

Mr Russell Dyer, Executive Director, Assessment & Reporting

The Autistic Realm Australia

Ms Anna Colbasso, Co-Founder and Chair

Dr Yolande McNicoll, Secretary (Executive role), Board Member

Mrs Kylieanne Derwent, Vice President (via videoconference)

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

Mr Mark Grant, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Edmumd Misson, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Australian Education Research Organisation

Dr JennyDonovan, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Sarah Richardson, Program Director

Department of Education

Ms Julie Birmingham, First Assistant Secretary, Teaching and Learning Division

Genevieve Watson, Assistant Secretary, Teaching Practice Branch

Tuesday, 7 November 2023

Committee Room 2S1

Parliament House


Professor Tom Bennett OBE, Private capacity