Senate Standing Committees on Education and Employment

Completed inquiries and reports

If you are unsure when a report was tabled, or which committee tabled a report, consult the Register of Senate Committee Reports.

Report Name Date Tabled
Legislation Committee
Fair Work Amendment (Right to Request Casual Conversion) Bill 2019 [Provisions]
26 March 2019
Higher Education Support (Charges) Bill 2018 and Higher Education Support Amendment (Cost Recovery) Bill 2018
23 November 2018
Fair Work Amendment (Family and Domestic Violence Leave) Bill 2018 [Provisions]
12 October 2018
Education and Employment Legislation Committee—Education and Other Legislation Amendment (VET Student Loan Debt Separation) Bill 2018 and the Student Loans (Overseas Debtors Repayment Levy) Amendment Bill 2018
15 June 2018
Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Amendment (Executive Remuneration) Bill 2017
28 March 2018
Higher Education Support Legislation Amendment (Student Loan Sustainability) Bill 2018 [provisions]
16 March 2018
Migration Amendment (Skilling Australians Fund) Bill 2017, and the Migration (Skilling Australians Fund) Charges Bill 2017 [provisions]
9 February 2018
Fair Work Laws Amendment (Proper Use of Worker Benefits) Bill 2017
10 November 2017
Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment (Ensuring Integrity) Bill 2017 [Provisions]
12 October 2017
Fair Work Amendment (Pay Protection) Bill 2017
6 September 2017
Higher Education Support Legislation Amendment (A More Sustainable, Responsive and Transparent Higher Education System) Bill 2017
9 August 2017
Australian Education Amendment Bill 2017
14 June 2017
Fair Work Amendment (Repeal of 4 Yearly Reviews and Other Measures) Bill 2017 [Provisions]
22 May 2017
Fair Work Amendment (Corrupting Benefits) Bill 2017 [Provisions]
9 May 2017
Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 [Provisions]
9 May 2017
Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Amendment Bill 2017 [Provisions]
15 February 2017
Seafarers Safety and Compensation Bills package
7 February 2017
Fair Work Amendment (Gender Pay Gap) Bill 2015
30 November 2016
Social Security Legislation Amendment (Youth Jobs Path: Prepare, Trial, Hire) Bill 2016
28 November 2016
VET Student Loans package 7 November 2016
Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013 [Provisions]
Building and Construction Industry (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2013 [Provisions]

Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014 [Provisions]
14 October 2016
Fair Work Amendment (Respect for Emergency Services Volunteers) Bill 2016 [provisions] 10 October 2016
Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Jobs for Families Child Care Package) Bill 2016 [provisions], and the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Family Payments Structural Reform and Participation Measures) Bill 2016 10 October 2016
References Committee
The appropriateness and effectiveness of the objectives, design, implementation and evaluation of jobactive
14 February 2019
The high rates of mental health conditions experienced by first responders, emergency service workers and volunteers
14 February 2019
The exploitation of general and specialist cleaners working in retail chains for contracting or subcontracting cleaning companies
13 November 2018
The framework surrounding the prevention, investigation and prosecution of industrial deaths in Australia
17 October 2018
Work health and safety of workers in the offshore petroleum industry
23 August 2018
Vocational education and training in South Australia
1 March 2018
Penalty Rates
4 October 2017
Corporate Avoidance of the Fair Work Act 2009
6 September 2017
Impact of the Government's Workplace Bargaining Policy and approach to Commonwealth public sector bargaining
30 November 2016