Appendix 2 - Public hearings and witnesses

Appendix 2Public hearings and witnesses

Tuesday, 3 October 2023

Rydges Sydney Central

Oxford I Room


Professor Emeritus David Peetz, Private capacity

Transport Workers Union

Mr Michael Kaine, Secretary

Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation

Mr Peter Anderson, National Secretary

Mr Gary Mahon, Queensland Representative

Dr Michael Rawling, Private capacity

National Road Freighters Association

Mr Gordon Mackinlay, Board Member

Mr Glyn Castanelli, Vice President

Ms Julie Downey, Board Member

Mr Chris Roe, Board Member

Mr Mark Reynolds, Board Member

Australian Trucking Association

Mr David Smith, Chair

Mr Matthew Munro, Chief Executive Officer

National Road Transport Association

Mr Warren Clark, Chief Executive Officer

ACFS Port Logistics

Mr Arthur Tzaneros, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Australian Federal Police Association

Mr Alex Caruana, President

Mr Giles Snedker, Legal and Industrial Manager

Mr Chris Hayes, Advisor

Police Federation of Australia

  • Mr Scott Weber, Chief Executive Officer (via teleconference)

Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association

Mr Charles Cameron, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Ryan Kevelighan, Vice Chair of the Association of Medical Recruiters Australia

Minerals Council of Australia

Ms Tania Constable, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Ben Davis, General Manager, Workplace Relations and Safety

Business Council of Australia

Mr Bran Black, Chief Executive

Mr Tim Reed, President

Friday, 6 October 2023

Parmelia Hilton, Swan Room

14 Mill Street


Mining and Energy Union – Western Australia District

Mr Greg Busson, District Secretary

Mr Adam Walkaden, National Legal Director

Australian Workers’ Union

Mr Shane Roulstone, National Organiser

Western Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr Chris Rodwell, Chief Executive

Mr Aaron Morey, Chief Economist

Mr Ryan Martin, Associate Director of HR and Workplace Relations

Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia

Ms Rebecca Tomkinson, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Aaron Walker, Manager, Industry Competitiveness and Economics

Mr Giacomo Giorgi, External Legal Advisor (Partner, Corrs Chambers Westgarth)

Unions Western Australia

Mr Owen Whittle, Secretary

CFMEU Construction and General Division

Mr Zachary Smith, National Secretary

Ms Lucinda Weber, Senior National Legal Officer

Roy Hill

Mr Gerhard Veldsman, CEO Group Operations, Hancock Prospecting

Mr Justin Seal, Manager Performance, Renumeration, Governance, Roy Hill

Lynas Rare Earths

Ms Amanda Lacaze, Chief Executive Officer (via teleconference)

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

Mr Steven McCartney, State Secretary

Max, Member

United Workers Union

Ms Carolyn Smith, Secretary

Ms Rosemarie Belen, Member

Ridgen Wangmo, Member

National Farmers Federation and Western Australia Farmers

Mr Tony York, Member

National Farmers Federation

Mr Tony Mahar, Chief Executive Officer (via teleconference)

Mr Ben Rogers, General Manager - Workplace Relations and Legal Affairs (via teleconference)

Livestock and Rural Transporters Association Western Australia

Mr Darren Bairstow, President

Mrs Jan Cooper, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Hotels Association Western Australia

Mr Bradley Woods, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Bianca Grubor, Workplace Relations Lawyer

Journey Recruitment

Ms Jackie Lee, Managing Director

Technical Resources

Mr Matthew Iustini, Chief Executive Officer

Master Builders of Australia

Mr Shaun Schmitke, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, National Director - IR/Safety/Contracts

Tuesday, 10 October 2023

Hotel Grand Chancellor Melbourne


Associate Professor Chris F Wright, Private capacity

Health Services Union and Workers

Mr Lloyd Williams, National Secretary

Ms Louise de Plater, National Industrial Officer

Cathy, Worker

Australian Services Union

Ms Emeline Gaske, Acting National Secretary


Ms Kate Carnell, Chair

Mr Peter Scutt, Executive Director and Co-Founder


Mr Jordan O'Reilly, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Ms Katherine Thompson, Chief of Staff

Young Workers Centre and workers

Ms Felicity Sowerbutts, Director

Ms Madeleine Thornton-Smith

Mr Thomas Harmathy

Australian Industry Group

Mr Innes Willox, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Brent Ferguson, Head of National Workplace Relations Policy

Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation

Ms Lori-Anne Sharp, Federal Assistant Secretary

Mr Paul Yiallouros, Federal Industrial Officer

Ms Emma Foreman

Ms Hailee Love

Australian Retailers Association

Mr Nick Tindley, Manager of Employment Relations


Mr Timothy Zafir, Co-Founder

Mr Olov Falkmer, Clinical Director


Ms Jacqui Bull, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Tramsheds Function Centre

Room 29


Health and Community Services Union Tasmania

Mr Robbie Moore, State Secretary

Simone Haigh, President, Ambulance Employees Sub Branch

Melanie Rataj, Nursing Member

Peta Chesshire, Workplace Delegate

Flight Attendants Association of Australia

Ms Teri O'Toole, Federal Secretary

Ms Angela McManus, Vice President Domestic

Sarah Di Wilt, Flight Attendant

Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association

Mr Joel Tynan, State Secretary

Mr Chris Stillgoe, Workplace Delegate

Ms Prudence White, Department Store Delegate

Mrs Susan Popowski, Supermarket Store Delegate

Ms Abbi Crook, Member and Retail Worker

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

Mr Steve Murphy, National Secretary

Mr Peter Richards, Delegate

Tasmanian Transport Association

Ms Michelle Harwood, Executive Director

Mr John De Bruyn, Chairman

Transport Education Audit Compliance Health Organisation

Mr Paul Ryan, Chair

FBT Transwest

Mr Cameron Dunn, Managing Director

Searson Buck Group Pty Ltd

Mr Nick Prokopiec, Chief Executive Officer

Pinnacle People

Ms Wendy Mead, Managing Director

Tasmanian Small Business Council

Mr Geoff Fader, Chairperson

Australian Bus Industry Confederation

Mr Ian Madcdonald, National IR Manager

Tuesday, 31 October 2023

Amateur's Lounge Callaghan Park Jockey Club, Reaney Street


Mining and Energy Union - QLD District

Mr Mitch Hughes, Acting District President

Mr Simon West, Coal mine worker and MEU member

Mr Brodie Allen, Coal mine worker and MEU member

Mr Dwayne Arnold, Coal mine worker and MEU member

Mr Scott Mearse, Coal mine worker and MEU member

Isaac Regional Council (via teleconference)

Ms Anne Baker, Mayor

Ms Kelly VeaVea, Deputy Mayor


Mr Nicholas Park, Vice President Government Relations

Mr Dinesh Bishop, Vice President Finance Minerals Australia

Mr Stephen Smith, Group Employee Relations Officer

BHP Operations Services

Mr Matthew Furrer, Vice President Operations Services

Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union

Mr Matthew Journeaux, Federal Secretary

Mr Greville Sexton, Workplace Delegate

Mr Stuart Shanks, Workplace Delegate

Mr George Ale Burue, Meatworker

Mr Hendry Jude, Meatworker

Electrical Trades Union

Mr Trevor Gauld, National Policy Officer


Mr Nathan Safe, Acting Executive Manager, Industrial Relations

Ms Natalie Thomason, Head of People QA Operations

Business Chamber Queensland

Ms Heidi Cooper, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association (AREEA)

Mr Tom Reid, Director Industry & Advocacy

Australian Meat Industry Council

Ms Cheryl Wolens, General Manager, Workforce Services

Master Grocers Australia Ltd (MGA)

Mr Martin Stirling, Head of Legal

Mr Terry Slaughter, DIrector on the Board of MGA

Australian Hotels Association

Mr Stephen Ferguson, National Chief Executive Officer

Ms Sarah Swan, Co-National Director Legal and Industrial

Ms Melissa Butters, Co-National Director Legal and Industrial


Mr Hamish Griffin, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Cameron Hockaday, Chief Commercial & Risk Officer


Ms Natalie Stewart, General Manager, People and Quality

Mr Sam Stephens, Private capacity (via teleconference)

Mr Simon Turner, Private capacity (via teleconference)

Friday, 10 November 2023

Committee Room 2S3


United Firefighters Union

Mr Peter Marshall, Secretary

Unions ACT

Ms Kasey Tomkins, Secretary

Claire, Public Service Delegate, Commonwealth and Public Sector Union

David, Public Service Delegate, Commonwealth and Public Sector Union

Mr Millan Pintos-Lopez, Delegate, National Tertiary Education Union

Gig Workers

Mr Abdollah Askari

Mr Utsav Bhatarrai

Ms Helen You


Mr Morten Belling, Managing Director

Ms Lisa Brown, Head of Communications and Government Relations


Ms Rebecca Burrows, Regional General Manager, Australia, New Zealand and Canada

Ms Rachel Murphy, Director, Head of Policy and Government Relations, Australia and New Zealand


Mr Dominic Taylor, Managing Director, Uber Australia and New Zealand

Ms Bec Nyst, Managing Director, Uber Eats Australia and New Zealand

Ms Pia Brunner, Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs, Australia and New Zealand

Australian Council of Trade Unions

Ms Michele O'Neil, President

Mr Benjamin Moxham, Director, Industrial and Policy

National Electrical and Communications Association

Ms Lauren O'Keefe, Policy and Advocacy Manager

Ms Lisa Carey, Senior Associate

Self Employed Australia

Mr Ken Phillips, Executive Director

Clubs Australia

Mr Simon Sawday, Executive Manager, Policy and Government

Ms Joanne Ede, Executive Manager

Housing Industry Association

Ms Melissa Adler, Executive Director, Industrial Relations and Legal Services

Mrs Jocelyn Martin, Managing Director

Independent Education Union of Australia

Ms Veronica Yewdall, Assistant Federal Secretary

Ms Abigail Butler, Workplace Delegate

Mr Eugene Lehmensich, Workplace Delegate

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr Andrew McKellar, Chief Executive Officer

Mr David Alexander, Chief of Policy and Advocacy

Ms Jessica Tinsley, General Counsel and Director

Professor Andrew Stewart, private capacity

Council of Small Business Organisations Australia

Mr Luke Achterstraat, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Adele Sutton, Director

Franchise Council of Australia (via videoconference)

Mr Matthew Monaghan, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Yale Stephens, Head of Policy and Advocacy

Mr Grant Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Concept Eight

Disability Advocacy Network Australia (via videoconference)

Ms El Gibbs, Director, Policy and Advocacy

Ms Catherine McAlpine, Chief Executive Officer, Inclusion Australia

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

Ms Jody Anderson, First Assistant Secretary, Safety and Industry Policy Division

Mr David Cains, Assistant Secretary, Bargaining and Industry Policy Branch

Ms Sarah Godden, Acting Chief Counsel and First Assistant Secretary

Mr Henry Jones, Acting Assistant Secretary, Workplace Relations Strategy Branch

Mr Stuart Kerr, Acting Assistant Secretary, Bargaining and Coverage Branch

Mr Greg Manning, First Assistant Secretary, Employment Conditions Division

Mr Daniel Tracey, Assistant Secretary, Employment Standards Branch

Ms Tara Williams, Assistant Secretary, Safety Net Branch

Ms Danica Yanchenko, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Entitlements Safeguards Division

Monday, 22 January 2024

Committee Room 2S1, Parliament House


DP World

Mr Blake Tierney, Head of Corporate Affairs, DP World Oceania - APAC

Mr Mark Ratcliffe, Vice President of People, DP World Oceania - APAC

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

Mr Greg Manning, Deputy Secretary

Ms Jody Anderson, First Assistant Secretary

Ms Danica Yanchenko, Acting First Assistant Secretary

Mr Adrian Breen, Assistant Secretary

Ms Tara Williams, Assistant Secretary

Mr Daniel Tracey, Assistant Secretary

Mr David Cains, Assistant Secretary

Mr Henry Jones, Acting Assistant Secretary

Mr Stuart Kerr, Acting Assistant Secretary

Ms Sarah Godden, Chief Council