Public hearing - Canberra, Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Teaching and Learning (maximising our investment in Australian schools)

Public hearing - Canberra, Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Venue: Committee Room 2S1
Parliament House

9.00am - 9.40am

Independent Education Union of Australia Sub. 12
Mr Chris Watt, Federal Secretary

9.40am - 10.20am

Australian Primary Principals Association  Sub. 17
Mr Norm Hart, President
Queensland Association of State School Principals
Ms Hilary Backus, State President  Sub. 8

10.20am - 10.35am


10.35am - 11.15am

Isolated Children's Parents' Association of NSW
Mr Duncan Taylor, President   Sub. 35

11.15am - 11.55pm

Ms Misty Adoniou  Sub. 4
Senior Lecturer and PhD candidate
University of Canberra

11.55pm -12.55pm


12.55pm - 1.35pm
By teleconference

Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia  Sub. 3
Ms Kim Cull, CEO
Mr Andrew Barr, National Chair

1.35pm - 2.15pm

Incept Labs  Sub. 1
Mr Chris Goldspink, Director and Chief Scientific Officer
Mr Robert Kay, Co-Founder

2.15pm - 2.55pm

Confidential witness
In camera

2.55pm - 3.00pm


3.00pm - 3.40pm

National Catholic Education Commission  Sub. 33
Dr William Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer

3.40pm - 4.20pm

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership  Sub. 18
Ms Margery Evans, Chief Executive Officer

4.20pm - 5.00pm

Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations  Sub. 28
Ms Alex Gordon, Group Manager, Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching
Mr Matt Davies, Group Manager, Youth and Inclusive Education

5.00 pm


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