Allegations of academic bias in universities and schools

Allegations of academic bias in universities and schools

4 December 2008

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ISBN 978-1-74229-025-6

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Members of the Committee (PDF 11KB)
Terms of Reference (PDF 7KB)
Preface (PDF 16KB)
Chapter 1 - Inquiry overview (PDF 60KB)

Basis of the inquiry
Previous committee inquiries
Academic freedom perspectives
Academic freedom and quality assurance
Academic freedom in schools

Chapter 2 - Academic freedom for students (PDF 71KB)

The nature of Liberal Students' complaints
Student assessment
Quality assurance
University procedures to ensure fairness

Chapter 3 - School education issues (PDF 58KB)

Limitations of this term of reference
Politicisation of school students
Teaching controversial issues
Current policies and structures in schools
Culture wars

Chapter 4 - A charter of academic freedom (PDF 50KB)

Threats to academic freedom
In support of a charter of rights
Opposition to a statutory protection of academic freedom

Coalition Senators’ Minority Report - The Right to Academic Freedom (PDF 98KB)

Freedom from Academic Bias
Evidence of bias
The impact of bias on teaching standards and quality
Bias and national self-perception
A Charter of Academic Freedoms?
Steps to eliminate bias and enshrine academic freedom
Foreign Funding
Sedition Laws & Academic Freedom

Appendix 1 - Submissions received (PDF 11KB)
Appendix 2 - Hearings and Witnesses (PDF 14KB)


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