Appendix 2 - Public hearing

Appendix 2Public hearing

Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Committee Room 2S3

Australian Parliament House


National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Association

Mr Ivan Simon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr Gillian Barlow, Manager

Aboriginal Housing Victoria

Mr Darren Smith, CEO and Chairperson of Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Forum

Ms Lisa Briggs, Director of Strategy and Performance

Ms Zoe Probyn, Manager of Strategy and Performance

Community Housing Industry Association

Ms Wendy Hayhurst, CEO

Ms Rebecca Oelkers, National Director and CEO of BHC

Mr Chris Smith, Chair and CEO Foundation Housing

PowerHousing Australia

Mr Nicholas Proud, CEO

Mr Scott Langford, Director

Housing Plus

Mr David Fisher, CEO

Property Council of Australia

Mr Mike Zorbas, Chief Executive

Ms Francesca Muskovic, National Policy Director

Housing Industry Association Ltd

Mrs Jocelyn Martin, Deputy Managing Director – Industry and Policy

Mr Tim Reardon, Chief Economist

Ms Melissa Adler, Executive Director – Industrial Relations and Legal Services

Master Builders Australia

Mrs Alex Waldren, National Director, Industry Policy

Professor John Quiggin, Private capacity

Grattan Institute

Mr Brendan Coates, Economic Policy Program Director

Henry Halloran Trust, The University of Sydney

Dr Cameron Murray, Research Fellow

Urban Development Institute of Australia, National

Mr Andrew Mihno, Head of Policy and Government Relations, UDIA National

Mr Charlie Daoud, Director, Traders in Purple, representing UDIA National

Mr Rick Graf, Development Director of Billbergia Group, representing UDIA National

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

Dr Michael Fotheringham, Managing Director

Industry Super Australia

Mr Matthew Linden, Deputy Chief Executive


Mr Andrew Major, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

Mr Jeffrey Brunton, Head of Portfolio Management

Anglicare Australia

Ms Maiy Azize, Deputy Director

Antipoverty Centre Inc

Ms Kristin O'Connell, Research, Policy and Communications

Ms Mel Powersmith, Project Advisor – Housing Policy

City Futures Research Centre, UNSW

Professor Hal Pawson, Associate Director

Homelessness Australia

Ms Kate Colvin, CEO

Homelessness NSW

Ms Trina Jones, CEO

National Shelter

Ms Emma Greenhalgh, CEO

Department of Social Services

Mr Troy Sloan, Group Manager, Pensions, Housing and Homelessness

Ms Caitlin Delaney, Branch Manager, Housing and Homelessness Strategy and Data Executive

Department of the Treasury

Mr Robert Raether, First Assistant Secretary, Housing Division

Ms Vera Holenstein, Assistant Secretary, Housing Branch

National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation

Mr Nathan Dal Bon, CEO

Ms Robyn Briese, Deputy General Counsel, Government

Ms Carol Bellettini, Chief of Staff

Future Fund

Mr Cameron Price, General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer

Department of Finance

Mr Scott Dilley, First Assistant Secretary

Mr Neil Robertson, Assistant Secretary

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