Inquiry into child migration

Inquiry into child migration

Submissions which may be accessed electronically

Appendix 1 of the Committee's report provides a list of public submissions, tabled documents and other additional information authorised for publication by the Committee. Some of these submissions may be accessed electronically and are listed below.


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15 Dr Barry Coldrey (VIC) (PDF 393KB)
42 Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (ACT) (PDF 1613KB)
Supplementary information - Responses to questions following public hearing 6 February 2001 dated 9.4.01 (PDF 76KB)
45 Christian Brothers Ex-Residents & Student Services (C-BERS) (WA) (PDF 44KB)
Supplementary information - Additional information received following the hearing 16 February 2001 dated 4.5.01 (PDF 29KB)
47 Trustees of the Christian Brothers in WA (WA) (PDF 26KB)
48 International Social Service - Australian and United Kingdom Branches (VIC) (PDF 32KB)
51 Catholic Child Welfare Council (UK) (PDF 29KB)
52 Child Migrants Sending Agencies Group (UK) (PDF 16KB)
53 Canadian Centre for Home Children (Canada) (PDF 28KB)
55 National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations (NCVCCO) (UK) (PDF 24KB)
56 Swanleigh (WA) (PDF 11KB)
57 Broken Rites (Australia) Collective Inc. (VIC) (PDF 54KB)
Supplementary information - Supplementary submission received at the hearing 15 March 2001 (PDF 23KB)
86 Mr Oliver Cosgrove (WA) (PDF 28KB)
88 Dr Stephen Constantine (UK) (PDF 62KB)
Supplementary submission (PDF 13KB)
98 NCH (National Childrens Homes) (UK) (PDF 27KB)
119 Professor Geoffrey Sherington (NSW) (PDF 15KB)
122 Home Children Canada (Canada) (PDF 410KB)
127 South Australian Department of Human Services (SA) (PDF 24KB)
128 Nottinghamshire County Council (UK) (PDF 4735KB)
129 International Association of Former Child Migrants and Their Families (VIC) (PDF 189KB)
132 Child Migrants Trust (WA) (PDF 416KB)
135 Department for Family and Childrens Services (WA) (PDF 124KB)
136 Fairbridge Western Australia (WA) (PDF 12KB)
139 Care Leavers of Australia Network (CLAN) (NSW) (PDF 14KB)