List of Recommendations

Recommendation 1

The committee recommends that Sport Australia significantly improve communication with applicants, both successful and unsuccessful, and ensure clear and timely reasons for decisions are provided.

Recommendation 2

The committee recommends the Australian Government immediately fund in full all projects that were assessed as meritorious and recommended by Sport Australia, but dismissed in the final ministerial funding decisions.

Recommendation 3

The committee recommends the Australian Government develop and implement a coordinated national policy framework for community sport infrastructure, to facilitate:
greater collaboration between community sport agencies at Commonwealth, state and local levels for community sports infrastructure programs;
a streamlined approach to administering community sports grants schemes, including a process for notifying all community sports clubs and organisations of opportunities to apply for grants and other support; and
the sharing of information from state facility audits and other sources to underpin a coordinated, longer-term process based on an audit of needs rather than the current ad hoc approach by different jurisdictions.

Recommendation 4

The committee recommends that the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989 be reviewed to clarify the authority of the minister in relation to grant approvals. The committee also recommends the Australian Government consider a broader review of other relevant statutory bodies and agencies with the power to grant funds.

Recommendation 5

The committee recommends the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) make governance training mandatory for the ASC Board and all officers involved in grant administration within Sport Australia to ensure they are cognisant of their powers, responsibilities and duties under law.

Recommendation 6

The committee recommends that the Prime Minister provide a full explanation to the Parliament of the role he, his office, and if applicable, Liberal and/or National Campaign Headquarters played in the allocation of grants under the CSIG program.

Recommendation 7

The committee recommends that the Australian Government ensure the ANAO has the requisite level of resourcing it needs to properly scrutinise government expenditure and activities.

Recommendation 8

The committee recommends that the Australian Government establish a national integrity commission with the standing powers of a Royal Commission as a matter of urgency.

Recommendation 9

The committee recommends the Senate adopt a resolution requiring the production of the following documents:
That the Senate orders that there be laid on the table by the Minister for Sport no later than 10.00am on 12 May 2021, the following documents:
the legal advice given to the board of Sport Australia relating to funding decisions under the CSIG program;
the full unredacted list of grant applicants as they relate to Sport Australia’s assessment scores and comments;
the full list of applications recommended for funding by Sport Australia, regardless of whether that recommendation was later changed;
the talking points memo prepared by staff within Senator McKenzie’s office for her meeting with the Prime Minister on 28 November 2018; and
any other relevant documents including attachments, spreadsheets and briefs.
That the Senate orders that there be laid on the table by the Minister representing the Prime Minister no later than 10.00am on 12 May 2021 the Gaetjens report and any documents used to inform the report.

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