List of Recommendations

Recommendation 1

That the Digital Transformation Agency in consultation with the Department of Finance develop a minimum set of publication standards for digital documents with suitability for possible future electronic tabling.

Recommendation 2

That the Department of Parliamentary Services works with the Department of the House of Representatives and the Department of the Senate to develop a dedicated web interface with appropriate functionality for locating and accessing tabled documents and in particular the Parliamentary Papers Series.

Recommendation 3

That the Department of Parliamentary Services ensure that all Members and Senators are provided with the facility to print and collate documents to the minimum standard, including printing in colour where it enhances the reader’s understanding.

Recommendation 4

That the parliamentary departments and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet develop a system for the embargoed delivery of digital documents to Parliament; and that once in place, the system be accompanied by a requirement for government departments to deliver digital documents prior to tabling.

Recommendation 5

That the Senate and House of Representatives pass the following resolution:
That unless otherwise ordered, and provided that they conform to the printing standards, the following documents shall be made Parliamentary Papers upon their presentation to the Senate/House of Representatives:
substantive reports of parliamentary committees;
annual reports of Commonwealth entities;
a report of a royal commission;
a report of the Productivity Commission;
a report of the Auditor-General;
a report of the Australian Human Rights Commission;
a report of the Australia Law Reform Commission;
a report of the Australian Electoral Commission on the redistribution of electoral division boundaries;
Australian Government white papers;
a report in a series that has previously been included in the Parliamentary Papers Series on the recommendation of a Publications Committee; and
budget papers and ministerial statements presented following the presentation of the appropriation bills.

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