Mr Julian Hill MP

Deputy Chair

Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC


Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah MP

Senator Catryna Bilyk

Senator the Hon Matthew Canavan

Hon David Coleman MP (until 22 March 2023)

Dr Carina Garland MP

Hon Dr David Gillespie MP (until 15 February 2023)

Mr Ian Goodenough MP (from 6 March 2023)

Senator Karen Grogan

Dr Daniel Mulino MP

Ms Peta Murphy MP (until 1 August 2023)

Mr Graham Perrett MP (from 20 June 2023)

Mr Henry Pike MP (from 22 March 2023)

Senator Barbara Pocock (from 31 July 2023)

Mr Sam Rae MP (until 20 June 2023, from 1 August 2023)

Senator Tony Sheldon

Mr Aaron Violi MP

This committee is supported by staff of the Department of the House of Representatives.