Acronyms and Abbreviations

ACCAN Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
ACCC Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
ACMA Australian Communications and Media Authority
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AVC Access Virtual Circuit
BIRRR Better Internet for Rural and Remote Australia
BPMR Broadband Performance Monitoring and Reporting
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CVC Connectivity Virtual Charge
Department Department of Communications and the Arts
FTTB Fibre to the building / basement
FTTC Fibre to the Curb/Kerb
FTTN Fibre to the node
FTTP Fibre to the premises
FY16 Financial year 2016
FY17 Financial year 2017
GBE Government Business Enterprise
HFC Hybrid Fibre Coaxial
IRCA Indigenous Remote Communications Association
Mbps Megabits per second
nbn nbn co limited
NBN National Broadband Network
RDA Regional Development Australia
RFS Ready For Service
RSP Retail Service Provider
SAU Special Access Undertaking
TIO Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
TPC Code Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code
USO Universal Services Obligation
WWSC West Wimmera Shire Council

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