Membership of the Committee


Ms Ann Palmer, Committee Secretary
Mr CJ Sautelle, Principal Research Officer
Ms Margie Morrison, Senior Research Officer
Ms Carla Ward, Senior Research Officer
Ms Ophelia Tynan, Research Officer
Ms Margaret Jones, Administrative Officer (to 29 June 2017)
Ms Nicole Baxter, Administrative Officer (from 30 June 2017)

PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Ph:    02 6277 3439
Fax:  02 6277 5809

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Membership of the Committee

Committee members
Hon Sussan Ley, MP, Chair (from 22 June 2017) LP, NSW
Mr Josh Wilson, MP, Deputy Chair ALP, WA
Mr Andrew Broad MP NAT, VIC
Ms Gai Brodtmann MP ALP, ACT
Senator Stirling Griff NXT, SA
Senator Pauline Hanson PHON, QLD
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young AG, SA
Mr Luke Howarth, MP LP, QLD
Senator Jane Hume LP, VIC
Mr Stephen Jones MP ALP, NSW
Senator Chris Ketter ALP, QLD
Ms Cathy McGowan AO, MP IND, VIC
Mr Brian Mitchell, MP ALP, TAS
Senator Deborah O'Neill ALP, NSW
Senator Dean Smith LP, WA
Senator Anne Urquhart ALP, TAS
Mrs Lucy Wicks MP LP, NSW
Former members
Mrs Lucy Wicks, Chair (from 14 September 2016 to 22 June 2017) LP, NSW
Senator Scott Ludlam (to 14 July 2017) AG, WA
Mr Michael Sukkar MP (to 24 January 2017) LP, VIC
Ms Michelle Rowland MP (to 30 November 2016) ALP, NSW
Senator John Williams (to 11 October 2016) NAT, NSW
Participating members
Senator Malcolm Roberts PHON, QLD

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