Report of the inquiry into efficacy of current regulation of Australian migration and education agents

February 2019

© Commonwealth of Australia 2019
ISBN: 978-1-74366-978-5

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Committee membership

  Committee Secretariat

Terms of reference


1. Introduction

  Conduct of the Inquiry
  Structure of the report

2. Background - Registered Migration Agents

  Regulation of registered migration agents
  Role of the OMARA
  Migration agent statistics
  Registration refusals and withdrawals
  Complaint outcomes

3. Migration agents

  Perception of migration agents
  Registration requirements
  Committee comment
  Continued professional development
  Supervised practice
  Committee comment
  Immigration advice
  Committee Comment
  Powers of the OMARA
  Committee comment
  Migration agents providing other services to clients
  Committee comment

4. Background - education agents

  Regulation of education providers
  Complaints about education agents
  Commonwealth Ombudsman
  International education regulators

5. Education agents

  Perception of education agents
  Education agents providing unregistered immigration assistance
  Regulation of education agents
  Committee comment
  Additional concerns raised by submitters
  Committee comment

6. Integrity issues associated with the Electronic Travel Authority visa

  Electronic Travel Authority visa
  Electronic Travel Authority compliance rates
  Electronic Travel Authority holders protection applications
  Cost of the appeals process
  Fast-track applications
  Committee comment

A. List of submissions

B. List of public hearings and witnesses

C. ETA Eligible Countries/Jurisdictions

Dissenting report

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