B. Hearings and witnesses

B. Hearings and witnesses

Wednesday, 13 September 2023 – Canberra

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Ms Jenny Dee, Assistant Secretary, Stakeholder Engagement and Advocacy Branch
  • Ms Patricia Holmes, Assistant Secretary, Trade and Investment Strategy Branch
  • Mr Ravi Kewalram, Chief Negotiator and First Assistant Secretary, Free Trade Agreements and Stakeholder Engagement Division
  • Ms Amanda O’Brien, Treaties Manager, International Law Branch
  • Mr David Woods, Chief Economist and First Assistant Secretary, International Economics and Green Economy Division
  • Mr Tim Yeend, Associate Secretary, Trade and Investment Group

Friday, 20 October 2023 – Canberra

National Farmers' Federation

  • Mr Kade Denton, General Manager, Trade and Economics
  • Mr Harry Young, Policy Officer, International Affairs

Australian Organic Limited

  • Ms Niki Ford, Chief Executive Officer

GrainGrowers Limited

  • Ms Annabel Mactier, Policy Manager, Trade and Supply Chains

Grain Trade Australia

  • Mr Pat O’Shannassy, Chief Executive Officer

CropLife Australia

  • Mr Justin Crosby, Director, Government and Strategic Relations
  • Mr Gregory Sekulic, Director, Agricultural Chemical Policy

RSPCA Australia

  • Ms Joanne Webb, Senior Policy Officer

Humane Society International Australia

  • Ms Nicola Beynon, Head of Campaigns

Australian Alliance for Animals

  • Dr Jed Goodfellow, Director, Policy and Government Relations

APRA AMCOS (by videoconference)

  • Mr Nicholas Pickard, Executive Director, Public Affairs and Government Relations

Screen Producers Australia (by videoconference)

  • Mr Matthew Deaner, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms Jane Mulligan, Director of Policy

Australian Copyright Council (by videoconference)

  • Ms Eileen Camilleri, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Joanna Harrington, Professor of Law, University of Alberta (by videoconference)

Delegation of the European Union to Australia

  • His Excellency Mr Gabriele Visentin, Ambassador of the European Union to Australia

Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network

  • Dr Patricia Ranald, Convener

German Australian Business Council e.V.

  • Dr Robert Harrison, Board Member
  • Ms Elisabeth Opie, Deputy Chair
  • Dr Sabine Pittrof, Chair

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

  • Mr David Garner, Assistant Secretary, International Organisations and Negotiations Branch
  • Ms Nicola Hinder, Deputy Secretary, Agricultural Trade Group
  • Mr Matthew Koval, First Assistant Secretary, Trade and International Division

Friday, 3 November 2023 – Melbourne

Australian Council of Trade Unions

  • Ms Clare Middlemas, Senior International Officer
  • Ms Michele O’Neil, President

Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union

  • Dr Daniel Nicholson, National Research Officer

Maritime Union of Australia (by teleconference)

  • Mr Rod Pickette, Policy Adviser


  • Mr Shay Deguara, National Industrial and Research Officer

Electrical Trades Union

  • Mr James Miranda, National Policy and Research Officer

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

  • Mr Mark Dunstan, Industrial Officer

Public Services International

  • Ms Kate Lappin, Asia Pacific Regional Secretary
  • Mr Tom Reddington, Oceania Sub-Regional Secretary
  • Ms Sanya Smith, Legal Consultant

Melbourne Climate Futures, University of Melbourne

  • Prof Margaret Young, Professor, Melbourne Law School

Red Meat Advisory Council (by teleconference)

  • Mr Alastair James, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr John McKillop, Independent Chair

Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (by teleconference)

  • Mr Mark Harvey-Sutton, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (by teleconference)

  • Mr Christian Mulders, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Meat Industry Council (by teleconference)

  • Mr Sam Munsie, General Manager, Trade and Technical Affairs

Cattle Australia (by teleconference)

  • Mr David Foote, Chair

Australian Industry Group

  • Ms Louise McGrath, Head of Industry Development and Policy
  • Ms Hnin Nwe Oo, Economic Policy Analyst

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (by teleconference)

  • Mr Chris Barnes, Head of Business Development and International Affairs
  • Mr Lachlan Smith, Policy Adviser, Trade and International Affairs

Productivity Commission

  • Mr Eric Liu, Assistant Research Economist
  • Dr Benjamin Mitra-Kahn, Assistant Commissioner
  • Prof Alexander Robson, A/g Chair

Wednesday 15 November 2023 – Canberra

Public Health Association of Australia (by videoconference)

  • Dr Deborah Gleeson, Convenor, Political Economy of Health Special Interest Group

Friday, 1 December 2023 – Canberra

American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (by videoconference)

  • Mr Eric Gottwald, Trade and Globalisation Policy Specialist

ActionAid Australia (by videoconference)

  • Ms Sophie Hardefeldt, Policy and Research Manager
  • Ms Michelle Higelin, Executive Director

Union Aid Abroad–APHEDA (by videoconference)

  • Ms Kate Lee, Executive Officer

Wednesday, 13 December 2023 – Canberra

Austrade (by videoconference)

  • Mr Daniel Boyer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Trade and Investment
  • Mr Sam Guthrie, General Manager, Government and Policy
  • Ms Philippa King, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Policy and Programs

Medicines Australia (by videoconference)

  • Ms Elizabeth de Somer, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms Gail Morgan, Head of Strategic Engagement and Communications

Dr Hazel Moir, Private capacity (by videoconference)