Appendix 1

Deferred legislation

3.1        The committee has deferred its consideration of the following legislation for the reporting period:

  • Australian Human Rights Commission Repeal (Duplication Removal) Bill 2018;
  • Consular Privileges and Immunities (Indirect Tax Concession Scheme) Amendment (United Arab Emirates) Determination 2018 [F2018L00074];
  • Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) Levy (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2018;
  • Narcotic Drugs Amendment (Cannabis) Regulations 2018 [F2018L00106]; and
  • National Consumer Credit Protection Amendment (Small Amount Credit Contract and Consumer Lease Reforms) Bill 2018.

3.2        The committee continues to defer its consideration of the following legislation:

  • Family Law Amendment (Parenting Management Hearings) Bill 2017; and
  • Road Vehicle Standards Bill 2018.

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