Expanding the membership of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership

February 2022

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Chair's Foreword


Members of the JSCFADT

Members - Trade Sub-Committee


Terms of Reference

List of Recommendations

1. Introduction

  Conduct of the inquiry
  Geographical scope of the inquiry
  Previous related parliamentary committee inquiries
  About the agreement
  The accession process

2. The CPTPP

  The role of the CPTPP in Australia’s free trade agenda
  The value of the CPTPP
  A high quality agreement with high quality standards
  Issues of concern

3. Expansion of the CPTPP

  The case for CPTPP expansion

4. Applications to the CPTPP: the United Kingdom, China, Taiwan and South Korea

  The United Kingdom
  The People’s Republic of China (China)
  The Republic of China (Taiwan)
  The Republic of Korea (South Korea)

5. Other prospective new CPTPP members

  United States of America
  Southeast Asia

A. Submissions

B. Exhibits

C. Public hearings

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