Submissions received by the Committee

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1Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (PDF 98 KB) 
1.1 Supplementary to submission 1 (PDF 69 KB) 
2CrimTrac (PDF 2958 KB) 
3Attorney-General's Department (PDF 164 KB) 
3.1 Supplementary to submission 3 (PDF 159 KB) 
4Department of Agriculture (PDF 165 KB) 
5Australian Securities & Investments Commission (PDF 220 KB) 
6Australian Crime Commission (PDF 3794 KB) 
7Australian Public Service Commission (PDF 683 KB) 
8Transparency International Australia (PDF 98 KB) 
9Joint submission from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (PDF 100 KB) 
10Australian Federal Police (PDF 59 KB) 
11Accountability Round Table (PDF 545 KB) 
12Law Council of Australia (PDF 105 KB) 

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