25 June 2015

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Committee Membership (PDF 30KB)
Abbreviations and Acronyms (PDF 14KB)
Recommendations (PDF 11KB)
Chapter One - Introduction (PDF 39KB)

Conduct of the inquiry
Report structure
The establishment of an Australia Fund

Chapter Two - Drought assistance (PDF 149KB)

Drought policy in Australia
Current drought assistance policy
Research and development

Chapter Three (PDF 184KB)

The definition of a crisis
The definition of a rural and manufacturing industry
Current industry assistance programs
Skills and training

Appendix 1 - Submissions and tabled documents (PDF 15KB)

Tabled documents

Appendix 2 - Public Hearings (PDF 12KB)

Witnesses at Canberra, 1 December 2014
Witnesses at Hobart, 4 February 2015
Witnesses at Melbourne, 5 February 2015

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