Committee Membership

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Committee Membership

44th Parliament

Committee Members  
Mr Andrew Laming MP, Chair QLD, LP
Senator Glenn Lazarus, Deputy Chair QLD, PUP
Senator the Hon Kim Carr VIC, ALP
Senator Linda Reynolds WA, LP
Senator Zed Seselja ACT, LP
Ms Terri Butler MP QLD, ALP
The Hon Ed Husic MP NSW, ALP
Mr Keith Pitt MP QLD, NATS
The Hon Christian Porter MP WA, LP
Mr Andrew Wilkie MP TAS, IND


Mr Mark Fitt, Committee Secretary
Mr Gerry McInally, Principal Research Officer
Ms Margie Morrison, Senior Research Officer
Ms Natasha Rusjakovski, Acting Principal Research Officer
Ms Fiona Gardner, Senior Research Officer
Dr Ruth Edwards, Administrative Officer
Ms Sarah Batts, Administrative Officer
Mr Simon Jones, Administrative Officer

Terms of Reference

On 23 September 2014, a joint select committee was established to inquire into the establishment of an Australia Fund for report by 30 June 2015.  The terms of reference for the inquiry are as follows:

  1. That a joint select committee, to be known as the Joint Select Committee on the Australia Fund Establishment, be established to inquire into and report on:
    The establishment of a fund to support rural and manufacturing industries, with particular reference to:
    1. the need for a fund to assist rural and manufacturing industries in crisis and support communities affected by natural disasters, including the following assistance:
      1. emergency or ongoing financial relief,
      2. a loan to such a business,
      3. act as a guarantor for all or part of a loan or proposed loan to such a business,
      4. purchase all or part of an existing loan to such a business,
      5. capitalise or waive interest owed by such a business,
      6. assume control of such a business for a particular period,
      7. grant funds to an appropriate industry body, and
      8. grant funds to such a business for the purpose of purchasing new technology to make it more economically viable and competitive or restructuring it; and
    2. whether:
      1. existing bankruptcy and insolvency laws should be modified or temporarily relaxed for businesses in times of crisis, and
      2. any foreign bankruptcy or insolvency laws should be adopted as laws of the Commonwealth.
  2. That the committee deliver its final report on or before 30 June 2015.

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