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Inquiry into Governance on Norfolk Island: Part 2 - Financial Sustainability of Current Governance Arrangements

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On Monday 5 December 2005, the Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories tabled its report on the inquiry into governance on Norfolk Island: Part 2 - financial sustainability of current governance arrangements Norfolk Island Financial Sustainability.

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Report accessibility:

If you have difficulty accessing the report, please contact the Committee Secretariat.

This report is comprised of Front pages, 3 chapters, supplementary remarks and 3 appendices.

Norfolk Island Financial Sustainability: The Challenge – Sink or Swim

Front pages (PDF 133kB)
Contents, Foreword, Committee Membership, Terms of Reference, List of Abbreviations and List of Recommendations

Chapter 1 (PDF 169KB)

Chapter 2 (PDF 351KB)
The NI economy

Chapter 3 (PDF 275KB)
Revenue raising

Supplementary Remarks (PDF 95KB)
Ms Sophie Panopoulos, MP

Appendix A (PDF 54KB)
Submissions to the inquiry

Appendix B (PDF 67KB)
List of exhibits

Appendix C (PDF 47KB)
List of public hearings and witnesses

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