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Inquiry into Governance on Norfolk Island: Part 2 - Financial Sustainability of Current Governance Arrangements

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Terms of Reference

That the Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories report on measures to improve the operations and organisation of the Territory Ministry and Legislature on Norfolk Island, with particular emphasis on the need for a financially sustainable and accountable system of representative self-government in the Territory.

The inquiry should consider possible alternative measures, such as:

  1. direct elections for the position of Chief Minister; and
  2. fixed terms of government.

These matters should be considered in the context of the financial sustainability of self-government arrangements on Norfolk Island, with particular consideration of -

  1. the findings of the Commonwealth Grants Commission documented in its 1997 report on Norfolk Island on the Territory's capacity to administer and fund obligations associated with:

  2. subsequent government and parliamentary reports relevant to the above; and
  3. the role of the Commonwealth and its responsibilities for Norfolk Island as part of remote and regional Australia.

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